Kitten Krazy is pleased to partner with the American Humane Association: The Nations's Voice for the Protection of Children and Animals. We received a mini grant to help support marketing of Cat Chat.

Press Release:

Kitten Krazy is pleased to announce we were selected to receive a mini grant from the American Humane Association on October 3, 2010 for humane education. Kitten Krazy received $850 to promote Cat Chat, an educational television program hosted by Wendy Mirrotto, Founder and President of Kitten Krazy. Cat Chat airs on Armstrong Channel 4 in Medina County and discusses topics on all aspects of owning and caring for cats.

The Humane Education Grant’s Program was designed to help humane educators fund new initiatives and/or expand current, successful educational programs. American Humane developed the grant to help humane educators launch new programs or fund start-up costs for programs that are designed to teach kindness, compassion, pet responsibility, and encourage character education that would benefit both children and adults in their community.

Kitten Krazy will use the funds to print marketing material for Cat Chat including posters, flyers, and advertisements.