Meet Our Staff


Wendy Mirrotto
Founder & Executive Director
Kitten Krazy, Inc. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Cat Shelter (May 2004)
Quick Fix Low-Cost Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic, a program of Kitten Krazy, Inc. (July 2011)

1980 Graduate of Strongsville High School. The rest of what I learned came from an upbringing on a small farm (yep - in Strongsville!), and the "School of Hard Knocks" thereafter.  Married to Mark in December 1984, no children.

After health issues required me to quit my job of 15 years as an Executive Secretary in the business world, I decided to volunteer one day a week at the Parma Animal Shelter just around the corner from my house. At the end of my 4th year of volunteering, I was unanimously voted as Parma Animal Shelter's 1st Chairman of the Board. With the help of my dear friends, Steve Pigott, Esq. and Joan Keller, I was able to secure their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. During this time, Mark and I moved to Medina. 

At the end of my 1-year commitment as Chairman, I chose to focus my energy on my new community of Medina. At that time, there were no organizations set up to take in and care for the lost, abandoned, stray, and unwanted cats in Medina County. I prayed and it was affirmed that God called me to open my own shelter - and Kitten Krazy was born. I renovated a small space in my garage 8'x16' and got started immediately. We renovated our garage multiple times at our own expense, always increasing our ability to care for the cats. 
From that day until now, we have been at full capacity and have to turn away up to 200 cats weekly. 

This prompted me to open Quick Fix Low-Cost Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic. With the invaluable help of my friend, Amber Thorne-Hamilton, and some very dedicated volunteers, we succeeded and are operating under the same nonprofit status as Kitten Krazy.

My staff and volunteers are an amazing group of people that I am privileged to work with every day. They care so deeply for the animals we serve and do whatever they can to make their time during spay/neuter or wellness as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

I live in Brunswick Hills with my husband, Mark, two dogs - Holly & Joey, and 5 cats - Piper, Cody, Timmy, Big Sam, and Vinnie. In my spare time, well...I don't have much, but I do have a lot of other interests like reading, traveling, crocheting, crafts, shopping, sports (playing and watching) and enjoying friends and family.


Debra Beckstett
Vet Assistant - Part-Time Volunteer
1981 Graduate - Ohio State University - Masters in Social Work
January 2013

I started caring for sick and injured animals with my father at the age of six. As a Veterinarian, he taught, in lieu of a formal education, as I "assisted" him in surgeries about the miracles within us. Although as a Therapist today, I assist people toward better health. I still enjoy working with all creatures great and small. 

My job at Quick Fix is called the "Lifeguard on the Beach" as I watch the animals coming out of surgery until they wake up enough to go back to their cages before going home. 

Robin Dunsha, RVT (Retired)
Vet Assistant - Part-Time Volunteer
November 2013

I grew up in Medina County, raised on a farm with many animals. I was in 4-H for 10 years and showed both sheep and horses at the Medina County Fair.

When deciding on a career, I figured I might as well enjoy what I do everyday. I graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in 1985.

Over the years, I have worked in veterinary emergency care, equine, and exotic medicine. I definitely chose the right profession!! I always loved surgery, so assisting with surgery at Quick Fix just seemed to be a natural fit. I started volunteering at Quick Fix in November 2013. With the huge problem of pet overpopulation, Quick Fix provides high-quality, affordable pet care.

I also volunteer at the hospice center. My niece, Chloe, a pug, is training with me to be a hospice therapy dog. I also volunteer with horses and children with special needs. I highly recommend volunteering!! It is very rewarding!

I live with the love of my life, a 14-year-old orange tabby named "Rue". He is a healthy diabetic patient. For fun, I enjoy walking, working out, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding, traveling, concerts, festivals, shopping, crafts, watching movies, and enjoying friends and family.


Jenna Geisinger
Administrative Assistant, Vet Assistant & Special Projects - On Call
Currently pursuing an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology at Stautzenberger College
February 2013

Thanks to my parents' interest in animals, I have spent my whole life either caring for or rescuing creatures great and small. If I was not nursing a kitten back to health, I was trying to find homes for puppies or volunteering at a horse rescue farm. This is why I have chosen to pursue a career in the veterinary tech field. Working at Quick Fix has not only given me the opportunity to learn important skills and medical information, it has also given me a passion for non-profit and shelter work. I love being part of a team that gives the best care and attention to their animal patients, whether they are owned pets or from a shelter.

When I am not working, at school, or studying for a test, I love spending time with my family and friends. A few of my favorite things are going to the trail, cycling, disc golf, cooking, playing with my cats, horseback riding, and watching movies.

Brittany Hall
Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper
April 2013

I love working at Quick Fix because I truly enjoy meeting new people and new animals every day. I am proud to be part of a team that genuinely cares for every animal that comes through our door. I also love knowing that we are helping our community by providing high-quality care at an affordable cost.

When I am not at work, I love to read, spend time with my family, and play with my "Newfie".


Donna Lagerstedt
Administrative Assistant - Part-Time Volunteer
January 2014

We built a home in Medina in 2002 and were lucky enough to have wonderful neighbors. One of the best was Wendy and her husband Mark! Dan and I are animal lovers too and we became fast friends. When Wendy started Kitten Krazy in her backyard in May 2004, we wanted to do what we could to help. Fast forward to 2014 and here we are still with Wendy & Mark and have loved watching what she has created for the animals in our community with Kitten Krazy and adding Quick Fix Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for cats and dogs in July 2011.

Dan volunteers at Kitten Krazy, and I help with adoptions and also volunteer at Quick Fix. My personal warning to anyone is: "Never say never to Wendy" as she will ALWAYS find a way to enrich the lives of animals and her friends, too!

Andrea Parsons, RVT
Registered Vet Technician - On Call
2009 Graduate - Associate of Science (Veterinary Technician)
March 2013

Emergency medicine is my primary career. I work part-time at Quick Fix because I love being part of a business that provides a low-cost option to the community for spay/neuter. I enjoy working with the staff at Quick Fix because they are a wonderful group of people that love helping animals.

In my free time, I enjoying hiking and playing disc golf with my husband.


Jillian Pohto
Registered Vet Technician
2008 Graduate of Stautzenberger College - Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology
July 2013

Ever since I was little I have loved animals, especially horses. If being a "Cowgirl" was an actual profession I would have been one, but in reality we must all grow-up and find "real jobs". I knew I wanted to work with animals, so after graduating from the Animal Care Program at the Medina County Career Center, I started college at Ohio University in Athens with dreams of being a humane officer or game warden, so Criminology seemed like a good route to take. Yet after finishing only two quarters, I decided my real interest was in the medical field. I headed home and started attending Stautzenberger College, earning my Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.

While in college, I worked at a small animal hospital in Strongsville. I really wanted to broaden my horizons and experience so I left there to work on an alpaca farm, and also at a horse farm. I love the outdoors, but after many years of getting "beat up" by farm life, I was ready for the comfort of an "indoor" job. When I heard of an opportunity to work at Quick-Fix I jumped right on it! I grew up in Medina and love the idea of helping out my community. I cannot ask for a better staff to work with, everyone here is so compassionate. I love how this company offers affordable, high-quality care.

I currently reside in West Salem with my boyfriend, Shawn, our Great Dane "Sadie", and our cat "Gooch". We also have horses and cows at his parents house in New York. In our free time we enjoy hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and just soaking up the outdoors!


Angel Reep

Administrative Assistant - Part-time Volunteer
September 2013

I first learned of Kitten Krazy/Quick Fix a little over two years ago when I walked into an adoption event at Petsmart in Medina. After chatting with one of the volunteers, I immediately came home and signed my daughters and I up as volunteers.

I whole-heartedly support the mission of providing low-cost spay/neuter services to the community and have met so many wonderful people and pets throughout this journey. My daughters, Holly, Savannah, Ari and I look forward to many more years of supporting this worthwhile cause.

When not volunteering, I dedicate my time to my family, spending time with my husband George, homeschooling my daughters, serving God at my church through children's ministry programs and enjoying our many fur babies....all rescues!

Doug Scheule, DVM
Veterinarian - Part-Time
November 2011

I graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University in 1990. Beginning shortly following graduation, I worked at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City for almost 5 years. Since moving with my family to the Cuyahoga Falls area in 1997, I have worked 2 stints at Pet Guards- first from 1997-98, and then from 2005 to the present. I have been a part of the Quick Fix team since the year that it opened, spaying and neutering cats and dogs and treating the Wellness Clinic patients. My faithful dog Jake accompanies me nearly every day. I also have a cat, Dewey, who likes to play fetch.

Betty Snitzer, RVT
Registered Vet Technician - Part-Time Volunteer
2000 Graduate with an Associate of Applied Science - Veterinary Technology
January 2014

I first learned of Quick Fix while working at a private practice in Medina, OH. Many of our clients had pets that had been spayed/neutered at Quick Fix. I knew then that I wanted to volunteer at Quick Fix someday using my skills as an RVT. I strongly support the mission of Quick Fix to provide high-quality, low-cost, spay/neuter and wellness services to the community. I worked as an RVT for 15 years and always loved working in shelter medicine and with rescued pets.

I live in Columbia Station with my husband, Marc, and two adult children, Rachel & Nathan. We have a Greyhound named Vane, and 5 cats - Gabby, Bob, Gary, Roger, and Golden Rod. We love hiking, cycling, reading, and the Cleveland Indians!

Molly Welle-Eckert, DVM
Veterinarian - Part-Time Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic
2009 Graduate from Colorado State Veterinary School
June 2013

I graduated from Colorado State Veterinary School in Fort Collins, CO in May of 2009. Following my graduation I practiced in a very busy small animal practice in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park for four years. I met my husband in Montana, and we moved to the Cleveland area in June of 2013 to be closer to his family.

After four years in small animal practice I had become increasingly frustrated with the reality that many of my patients were afforded luxury care and diagnostics while so many other animals were not receiving basic healthcare and were dying in over-crowded shelters. I decided that I wanted to use my skills as a veterinarian to make a positive impact on pet overpopulation and to make a difference in the lives of those animals that need it the most. Working at Quick Fix has given me the opportunity to do so.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and twins, Isla and Everett, and our four dogs and two cats.

Brian Wennerstrom, DVM
Veterinarian - Part-Time Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic
May 2015

I grew up in Canal Fulton, Ohio, before going to Hiram College and Ohio State Veterinary College (1998). My initial focus was on cows and horses because I planned to be a missionary to a poor country. In 2002, I was married to my wonderful wife Marnita. After 9 years in large animal medicine, we moved back to the Wooster area to be close to family and I started working for a laboratory in Ashland. That was a great job but the recession hurt their business and I got laid off after 1-1/2 years. On the advice of my church elders, I started looking at some humane societies for work and began performing spays and neuters at the Knox County Humane Society in 2010. Over the next 2 years I started working at the Humane Societies of Richland and Holmes Counties, where I brought them from an empty room to a fully functional surgical center. One of my hobbies in relation to this is finding the most cost-effective method of setting up and performing surgeries. In 2013, I added the Wayne County Humane Society as my fourth shelter job and in 2014 we went through a court case involving 47 dogs. Also in 2013 and 2014 I went through some online postgraduate classes through the University of Florida where I received a Certificate in Shelter Medicine.

In April 2015, my shelter in Wayne County hosted a lecture on TNR methods. I met Wendy Mirrotto there and we started talking about whether I would fit in at Quick Fix. It seemed to be a God-appointed meeting as I started working here soon after.

My focus on shelter medicine is partly based on where God has placed me at the present time, but also partly based on using my skills and experiences. Like the shelters and many people in society, I've had to constantly watch where I can budget my money to not over-spend limited resources. This happens more since we have 6 kids under 11 years old (in early 2015). I also feel like I can specialize in the areas that shelter medicine covers (mostly spays and neuters) instead of just dabbling in the many different directions that clinical small animal medicine takes you. I'm very thankful for my career that is made possible by Quick Fix and other spay-neuter locations.

The photo is me with my son Carson and our new kitten, Benny. So from left to right that’s doctor, Ben, Carson.