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Kitten Krazy receives at least 15 phone messages a day, and this time of year, more than 200 a week from people requesting help with stray cats and kittens.  We are a volunteer only organization and do not have the manpower to return all the phone calls.  We do not want to offend anyone by not returning calls, it's just not possible.  We DO keep your names on a list and call people back as space opens up at the shelter.  Much of the time as we return calls, people have already found assistance from different sources.  We wish that we could take all the animals needing homes and on behalf of all animals, we thank you for trying to do the best by any that come to you needing help.  We also are trying our best to save as many as we can.  God Bless.


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Please check out our For Sale by Kitten Krazy/Mittlers Flea Market Page.  You can see some of the many items that we have in our store and warehouse for sale.  The inventory changes daily so please watch for updates, or even better, stop in on Saturday's between 9:00 and 3:00.

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