Cat Chat

Cat Chat is a television show created by Wendy Mirrotto, Founder & Executive Director of Kitten Krazy, and is taped by Armstrong One Wire, a Medina County, Ohio local television station.

Being in the animal shelter/rescue world since 1998, Wendy realized that people have many of the same questions about cats and cat care as well as adoptable cats and kittens at Kitten Krazy.  This show is designed to share information in a fun, relaxed, yet informative manner.

Our wonderful Armstrong crew is cameraman and show editor, Andy Knode, and regular co-host, Allison Milano-Priess.  Cat Chat is on Armstrong Channel 4


If you would like to send in a question or suggest a topic for the show, please email Wendy at, type "Cat Chat" in the subject line.

A Sampling of Cat Chat Episodes:

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