Kitten Krazy's Flea Market

930 Lafayette Road - Unit B | Medina, OH 44256

Same building as Kitten Krazy's Adoption Center located in Unit A

Open Every Saturday 11-4 pm

We have some good/bad news - our landlord has another tenant that would like to lease our warehouse space. Thus, our expenses will be significantly reduced two years earlier than planned. The flea market was set up as a way for Kitten Krazy to have a fundraising income that might pay for the warehouse space that was leased to Quick Fix, when it was open. The goal was to be lucrative enough to pay for itself AND for Kitten Krazy's cat shelter. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 (yuck!) and a volatile economy, we have decided it would be in our best interest to turn the space over two years early. There has been an enormous amount of work put into setting up the flea market, but it is financially the smart move for us at this time. We thank every single person that has donated and we will continue to do great things at Kitten Krazy for the cats as we will continue our mission in our current space!

Flea Market Specials


Month of April - everything 25% off except jewelry and bouquet flowers

Month of May - everything 50% off except jewelry and bouquet flowers

Month of June - TBD


Click on the < and > arrows on the left and right sides of the gallery below to explore our treasure trove of fantastic items!  Or, click on any picture to enlarge the view and use the < and > arrows to view the gallery.

Please note that we do our best to keep this page updated, but we cannot guarantee that every item will be available by the time it is viewed or when you come in to visit.