In the fall of 2015 my husband wanted to get a cat so we started making visits to Kitten Krazy to find the right one.  During one of these visits, I walked in and saw this pitiful looking orange and white cat sitting on the couch.  Skittish and shy but very friendly.  Instantly I fell in love with the cat-Foxy.  As time passed, my husband found a stray that we took in and I decided to volunteer at KK.  Each visit I spent time with Foxy on the couch, petting him, talking to him and explaining to him that nips and bites were not a good thing.  I knew I had to have Foxy and  told my husband that one day he will come home with me.


Since his adoption, his personality has blossomed.  He is ‘my’ cat and greets me when I come home, talks to me, waits for me at bedtime and sleeps next to me.  His fur has filled in and is 13.5 lbs-all muscle.  He has a great time playing with our kitten, Elwood and now even has a girlfriend, Natasha.

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