Cruz (now Garfield)

Garfield's Success Story - At First You'll Wonder Why You Did It.  Later You'll Be Thankful That You Did!


We know him in our family as Garfield, but he has been known by other names at other times in his life.  When we first met him at Kitten Krazy, he was called Cruz.  But when he came to live with us, we believed that he needed to have a new name as he began his new life in our family.  We decided to call him Garfield.


Garfield had experienced some uncertainty and insecurity in his life.  In the short time of a month he was now being asked to adjust to a new living situation for the third time.  He was apprehensive, to say the least, when he stepped out of his cat carrier into his new home. He immediately began to search for a place of shelter and security.  As he explored our kitchen, he surprised us by opening the door of a kitchen cabinet and crawling inside!


We could see him hiding, squeezed tightly into a rear corner of the cabinet, hiding behind our crock pot.  He had found his safe place. So we propped the cabinet door open and allowed him to have time and space to regain his confidence.  He needed to discover by himself that he was safe in this new place. And he probably wondered why all his Kitten Krazy cat friends where nowhere to be found!  


We waited and gave him all the time and space he needed to gain confidence in his safety.  Six hours later he emerged from the kitchen cabinet, but quickly found a new hiding place under the loveseat in our living room.  Progress! We were thankful that he had come out of the cabinet and was willing to spend time near his new family, even if it was from under a piece of furniture.  So again, we didn’t force him to come out, but gave him time and space to adjust.  At eleven o'clock that night, we said “Good night” to him and went to bed ... and left the bedroom door open.


Later that night Garfield decided to move from the loneliness of the dark living room to his next chosen place of security …  the cat-suite under our bed.  This was the second indication given by him that he was willing to socialize with us, but on his own terms.  During the night, he emerged from his bunker under the bed and left the bedroom to use the litter pan and eat some Cat Chow.  Progress again!


In the morning we were pleased to find he had chosen to return in the bedroom to be near us, even if he was under the bed.  We recognized the beginning of his willingness to trust us and socialize with us.  Later that day, less than twenty-four hours after his arrival, he cautiously made his first public appearance and presented himself to us as a member of our family.


Fast Forward …

Now it’s two weeks since Garfield came to live with us.  He spends his days as an active cat/member of our family, interacting with us as though we had always been a part of his life.  He owns our home and has established his own favorite places, the most favorite being the upper tier of his cat tower, from which he has a window view of all the activity of birds and squirrels in our yard .  He talks to us in cat language, and even though we can’t understand the exact words he says, we know what he means.  He gives us his love and companionship, adding the finishing touch to make our home complete.  We are thankful to be Garfield’s family.

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