Joanie came to our household earlier in the month of February and has since made herself at home. She was a little skittish at first, looking for some place to hide, especially from her big brother Elvis (our 3 year old male basset hound). Within a day or two, she was running throughout the entirety of the house and chasing down anyone that moved. She and Elvis get along famously now, so much so that as you can see from the pic, she occasionally shows him who’s boss and takes over his bed. Not to fear for poor Elvis, who gladly takes over a cat bed whenever she’s not in the mood for her own domicile. (Pets are weird). My husband works third shift and returns home from work around 3 am, and Joanie is there to meet him every morning with a greeting of “I'M HUNGRY!!!” She’s about as sweet as a kitten could be and we love having her as a member of our family. 

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