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Kitten Krazy Success Stories

Where are they meow? We love to hear from our adopters on how their kitties are doing! Explore the gallery below to read a little about our former Kitten Krazy cats and see cute pics of them loving their furr-ever homes! For even more happy "tails," visit, friend, and follow us on social media.

Have a Kitten Krazy cat in your home? Please share your story and photos with us to support our mission (and bring smiles to cat lovers everywhere)! Send an e-mail to Adoption Coordinator Wynne at with "KK Success Stories" in the subject line to let us know how your Kitten Krazy cat has touched your life, whether it's been 10 hours or 10 years since you brought them home. We love to stay in touch with our families! Please note that by sharing your story, you are giving us consent to publish it on our website and/or social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) pages.

It’s her birthday today !🎂🎈🎉 Maisie is doing very well ! I can’t believe she is 1 already! She’s gotten so big but still has a tiny meow 😸 Also pictured: Millie (brown tabby) and Walter (orange tabby) are also April birthdays ! Millie is 2 and Walter is 1


He’s doing great! He loves to cuddle with me! He’s still a little shy at first but once he warms up he’s a cuddle bug! I love him so much and am so thankful for you guys taking care of him.

Barbara 1-COLLAGE

Barbara (aka Lily) made herself at home right away! On the 3rd night here she set a bedtime for herself...around 8PM we'll look for her and will find her stretched out asleep on the bed, and she's been doing it ever since... and she stays there til dawn. She has us trained already that the sound of the microwave means she should get something to eat (warmed canned food). Went to vet last week for a wellness check ...they all thought she was quite beautiful and well taken care of kudos to KK

Minerva 1-COLLAGE

Thank you for following up. We just LOVE her! Millie is now “Minerva” and she’s been a great family pet who’s adapted beautifully to our home. I’m happy to see her come out of her shell over the past 3 weeks. She socializes with our children more and more each day and even “asks” us to play with her and rolls onto her back. She recently discovered our window sills and likes to watch the world outside. Minerva is the sweetest little cat with a calm, affectionate temperament


Alfie has a new name. We changed it to Dash because he is so fast. He is very muched loved here and is the boss. He definitely is a talker and voices his opinion all the time. Thanks for asking about him.


She's wonderful. We named her Misfit & she sleeps on my feet every night. She has my son & our corgi wrapped around her little finger. She's a great addition to our family


Eros is doing great ! We renamed him Mochi, and he’s somewhat getting used to that name. Him and my other cat get along very good now, they didn’t at first but now they play with each other and clean each other. We truly love him and are very happy to have him with us. He sleeps with us at night and follows us around, he even makes a point of either sitting on our laps while we’re in the restroom, or laying in the sink. Thank you guys again for taking such good care of him before we met him.


I just wanted to update you and let you know that the boys are doing great and they are best buddies. We adore them and they make each day better. Thank you for all you do to help these kitties. Take care and stay healthy!


Thanks for the message. She is doing very well. Settling in just fine. :) Doesn't mind the kids or the pups. We absolutely love her.


I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying life at my new home. (Can't you tell from my BIG smiles!) I am getting along well with my other cat friends ... mostly. But my new home is so big that we each have special places to call our "own". I had to learn how to climb stairs, but now I just cruise up & down with hardly a thought. Life is GOOD! Best regards, Scampers


Comet is doing absolutely amazing he gets along with all our other cats so well and he’s quite spoiled he is definitely loved by everyone who meets him


He is doing really well and has become best friends with our dog! The best story so far is that his favorite spot to lay around is inside of a bag we use to carry wood to the fireplace. Sometimes he even lays on the wood!


Hello! Dashers name is now Millie and she’s doing very well! She’s the most rambunctious kitten and always getting into things but we love her!

Jack and Rita

Addison and Evan are doing great! We’ve renamed them Rita and Jack, and they have some nicknames, too - Skeeter and Nutjob are at the top of the nickname list. After getting a clean bill of health and their last kitten vaccines from our vet two weeks ago, we did a face to face introduction with our resident cat, Ginger, who is 14. Ginger is still learning to love them, and they’re learning to give her space.

Arthur 1-COLLAGE

Hello, I wanted to wait a while to get to know Arthur before I shared my story. I got him in mid October of last year and he has truly changed my life. He has helped with my anxiety, insomnia, and depression. He is very cuddly, affectionate, and sweet. He is the best thing that has happened to me. I love him very much and I'm so happy he's in my life. Whenever I have a stressful day or I feel sad, I can hold him in my arms. He's my little blessing


Toast and Digit have been renamed Ginny and Luna. They are happy in their new home, and we love them so much! Ginny is a crazy little thing, and a thief extraordinaire - but then she'll snuggle for hours on end. Luna keeps to herself a bit more, but when she wants loving, she lets you know it! Intense head and belly rubs are her thing. Here are some pictures!


He is doing wonderful. I’ve never had a cat adapt so quickly to their new environment. I definitely got my lap cat that I wanted. I have an adult daughter with Down syndrome. She’s sometimes apprehensive about new pets. She loves him. We allowed her to name him. Well. Diego is now Rudolph!! We tried to convince her to go with Rudy but nope. Lol. I was so mourning my thirteen year old cat that passed in May. Rudolph is certainly helping to fill that void


We could not be any happier with our choice. Both her and our transitions went perfectly. She fit right into the family and is always exploring the house. Although, she much prefers being around us at all times. She even had to be in our family Christmas picture!


Tomato is doing great. It took a few days for my other cat to adjust to having a kitten around, but they seem to get along well. She likes to play with my other cat and likes to sleep with me on the couch. I've included a picture of them together so you can see.


I am thinking he enjoying his new surroundings.I have never seen a cat become so comfortable in his surroundings with 15 minutes of being here.I am thrilled he picked me

Mavrick 1-COLLAGE

Oh my gosh! He is such a sweetheart! Maverick has adjusted very well and gets along well with our other cats.


We LOVE Torch! . He’s 3lbs 4 ounces and perfect. My older cats are tolerating him much better than in the beginning. The older male is being very good to Torch as Torch attacks him and hangs off of him lol. He’s been a great addition to our family. Sleeps near my head or under my chin every night


She is doing great her name is Tabbie now. She is very love able and adapted to her new home very quickly. Me and my children are happy to have adopted her she was a good Choice for us.


She is doing great! We ended up changing her name to Ellie and she’s just so fun and precious! Thank you so much! I will attach some pictures!


He is doing great! The boys renamed him Petey. Went to TSC this weekend on got boosters. He is a house cat but we ordered a name tag in case he ever gets out. Thank you for checking in. He definitely feels loved at our house!


Hello! Lancelot (renamed Newt) is doing great! He has adjusted very well and is loving his new home. He is such a funny little guy he loves to sleep on my head at night haha. Thank you for checking in on him, adopting him was the best decision I’ve made!


He is doing great! Thanks so much!


He is doing very well!! He's not super fond of the dog but getting used to her more every day. My Male cat has adopted him they play often and cleans him. I havent weighed him yet but he's gaining weight well. We actually renamed him Lync

Rango Merlin

He's doing great - he fit right in. He loves the dry food and is chunking up nicely. Her doesn't care for the dogs, but he mostly ignores them. He's a little bit shy with the other cats. doesn't cuddle or play yet, but, except for the odd hiss or two, there's been no conflict. His name is Merlin now, and he seems to have picked it up pretty quickly.

Party and Poppy

Party and poppy are doing great!!!! They are well loved by my three children. They let the kids pick them up, sit on our laps and they are always sleeping on top of each other. I was wondering if they were bottle fed since when I feed my two month old they go crazy and try to get to the bottle! Party is always trying to find a way to get on the counter to steal food. They are getting very chubby! They also have been enjoying sleeping in our bed, on the pillows of course! They quickly became par


Mickey is doing awesome, we love him and you were right he had 2 speeds, all out or cuddle bug. Too the others only about 2 days to be all good with him, but now he and the twins,as we call them, love playing together. Thanks for checking in on him


Celeste is now Stella (Stellaluna) and she is a delight! She has an older sister who was a rescue, and while it took a few days for Stella to get used to the new style of playing with Jenny, they are fast friends most of the time. Stella loves cuddles and her purr can be heard in the next room, or as she walks towards you. One of her favorite places to cuddle is on our chests, and she is learning to balance on our shoulders tucked under our hair when we are up and moving.

Mr Kitkat

Kit Kat is fitting right in! He loves his new fur ever home :) he has already made friends. We tweaked his name a little to Mr. Kit Kat! He loves to be pet and sit on our laps and be cuddled. He also gets lots of energy with his pals Luca and Simba. & of course the kids!!

Malabar - Callie

Malibar/Callie is doing great! She seems to love her new home. She is very playful and affectionate. She follows me and my son to every room in the house. She is our little shadow. We both love her so much and don’t know how we made it this far without her. She makes our little family complete. ❤️


We love her! So happy! She is acclimating well. She has been to our vet and got a clean bill of health. Thanks for reaching out

Cutie pie

I think she loves her new home


Lyra is doing great, and fits in very well with our family! We love her so much! She is so much more acclimated now, and is curious about everything! From every nook and cranny that she can fit herself into, to dabbing her paws in the toilet water to see what that was all about (🤣🤦‍♀️), to snuggling under the blankets, she has definitely made herself at home! Our 2 young kids LOVE playing with her (my 5 year old daughter didn't want to change her name, instead added onto her name..


Sky has been doing wonderful. We are so thankful to have her! She has been the perfect addition to our family. She has taken well to her brother, Leo the chinchilla. In fact, she will often sleep on top of his enclosure when she’s not curled up on my pillow. Thank you for checking in. It has been a pleasure adopting from Kitten Krazy. I’ve attached a picture of Sky playing with one of her favorite toys :)


Geneva’s new name is Willow, and she’s doing great! She is bonding with our other cat, Fiona and is really making herself at home


Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know Ernie is doing so well! He is growing like a weed (13 lbs!) and loves to cuddle. He is also addicted to the laser pointer, and as soon as he hears me get it out he runs to the living room to play. He is such a joy and I can't imagine life without him!

Pearl and Peppa

hey are doing wonderful! We are really enjoying having them a part of our family, and really appreciate the care you clearly took in bringing them up! They absolutely enjoy running around our place and finding things to climb onto.


Ninja is the sweetest cat ever . He is completely content , and happy . He sleeps with me every night . He is eating well both wet and indoor hard food and his snacks . It’s rather quiet here just my mom and I , but he has his cat nip toys , and lots of love and I brush him often he loves that. I could not of picked a better rescue cat ever . In the future , if you ever get another male declawed cat , I may adopt another one . I have to have declawed due to my mom’s skin is thin and she


Jinx is now Lily and is my registered Emotional Support animal! She’s very sweet and loves attention! She loves to lay on my shoulders and get tons of cuddles! She never wants to sleep and will constantly try to play when i’m going to bed. I am in love with her and am so glad I found her! Needless to say, she’s perfect


Hi! Misty (who is now Millie) is doing great. She has 2 older cat siblings, her brother Binx and her sister Gracie Lou and then she has a dog sister Sophie. Her all time favorite tho is my 4 year old son. Here are some pictures. We are in love w her 😍


Lamini is doing great! He fits in so well with the family. It took a day for our 3 yr. old cat to get used to him, now they play non stop. Lamini is still getting used to our boxer, but he has finally stopped hissing at him and will slowly go near him to explore. Thanks for all your help and following up!


Hi! Yes peaches is doing great. We absolutely love her. She is the BEST cat I have ever had. My last cat died of old age. Peaches definitely is the most loving cat. I will send a picture. She sleeps with me every night. She always wants attention. And she never stops purring. She loves her head scratched and her neck rubbed. I’m so happy I saw her behind the Tv at kitten krazy, she caught my eye


Pineapple (now Reggie -short for Regina) is doing great! She’s not a big snuggler, unless she is ready for a cat nap! She loves chasing her older brother around the house and wrestling with him.

Happy Boy

Happy Boy

Freddy 1

We absolutely LOVE Freddy! He is so playful and loves to cuddle. He sleeps with us every night! Both of our kitties get along so well! Here are a few of the many we take of him!


Thank you for checking in! Nala is doing great! She is such a cuddly sweetheart but can also make me laugh so much when she’s being crazy and playful! My current task is finding solutions to keep her away from those playful looking electrical cords. I found some cord covers online and also just doing a better job with hiding cords (chargers, etc.) or blocking her off from tv cords.She is such a great kitten.

Venus (2)

Everything is going well with Venus. She loves her new home. She eats well and is playful, loves cuddling and purrs a lot. She already recovered from the spay surgery. Thanks for the beautiful, lovely kitten


He is doing extremely well and is very vivacious, playful, loving and sweet. It’s absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My girlfriend Kerry can’t wait to see him again once she can walk up stairs. Thank you very much for all that you do


She was a gift for my daughter when she came home from camp. Shes very happy and very loved😊 Shes very good and very quiet, likes to play and sleep on Olive whenever she gets a chance. We are very happy to have adopted her. Thank you.

Truman and Valjean

They are doing great!! They love to play and get along great!


She is such a joy and is doing very well. It seems that her favorite thing to do is to lay by my 5-year-old while she “reads” to her.


Pisces, who has been renamed Domino, is doing very well. He is now totally acclimated and became good friend with Peanut our Pug. He has a ton of energy, runs and jumps all over the place when he is not sleeping.

Rose and Clover

They’re great. We’re all very happy with each other. Their favorite spot to hang out is in my office where the sun hits or on my bed.

Sprinkles and Simba

They're doing great! Adjusting wonderfully and really get along with the dog and adult cats.


Curley is now Manatee! She’s doing great and plays nonstop with her toys when I’m around. She also enjoys a good snuggle throughout the day! I just adore her.

Josh and Naomi

They are doing great. They have new names. Steiner and Freya. They are the most cuddly kittens we've ever had. They have excellent personalities as well. They've acclimated well with the older cats. They love playing on their new cat tree until their exhausted and ready to snuggle with someone again.


Larry (We named him Gandalf the Grey) is doing great. He’s such a loving affectionate kitty! He sleeps with us and wakes us with little kitty kisses on our faces. We have a dog and another cat that he gets along with, he cuddles and plays with my cat Yoda. He’s growing fast and has a good appetite, we’re feeding him Kitten Chow. He is a great addition to our family and fits right in.

Sheba and Solomon

Sheba and Solo loving their new play house!!


We are loving our new family member! We have named her Buffy and she has adapted well with our older cat Jane. They enjoy taking afternoon naps together on the couch. We were so happy to have stopped by Kitten Krazy and were able to give Buffy a forever home!


I just wanted to send you another update on Ernie! He has come completely out of his shell and his new nickname is "cabeza gato" because he loves to lay on my head whenever I lay down. He has staked out a few places around the house, and seems to really enjoy the company of the other cats. On nice days, he will sleep on my balcony for hours, and other times he seems to melt into whatever fluffy place he can find. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found him.


Georgia is fitting in wonderful. She is very sweet and has bonded well with both of us and our dog Indi. We feel she is a perfect fit. Thanks for checking on us. Hope you continue to do well with placing the sweet kittens.


Loves to sit in both bowls. Lol


Loves to sit in both bowls. Lol

Hazel - Tigerlily

Yes, everything is fine. Her new name is Hazel and we just love her!


Lacy is doing great and we just love her. She’s the cuddliest thing and funny to watch. She gets along great with our dog and other cat. They r really cute together. Here are some pics. She was also very helpful in catching the mouse we had in our house


Gonzo is doing great! He’s so sweet and cuddly. He has adapted well to his new home with us, including our dog, Frankie. He’s also a talker...the meowing and chirping sounds he makes are adorable. ☺️❤️ Gonzo loves his perch and hidey-hole bed to curl up in. I recently got him his own name tag with my number on the back and a bow tie. Baby blue is definitely his color. Thank you so much. Gonzo makes our family complete❤️


Yes ,tiger is well and happy


Here there! Navi is doing well! Very talkative and my son loves her, she settled right in like she always lived here (typical cat)!

Dakota and Phoebie

I found a couple pictures to share. This is Dakota and Phoebe. There was an adjustment period but they are buddies now.

Andy update

Andy is adjusting amazingly well! I have three other cats and he gets along great with all of them. He's seeming to bond with my other male cat Einstein. They love to rub against each other and play together. Andy is super affectionate and loving. He seems very happy!


Robin is such a sweet and beautiful little boy. He snuggles with us on the couch, tells us when we have left him alone too much, and plays with both our kids and his furry sisters. He adapted really quickly to his surroundings and while he still has to learn how to go through cat doors, he'll get there! He loves the great outdoors (inside our fence of course) and each day is a new adventure.


I got my cat hazel ( her name was heather ) from kk and I love her!! I’ve had her since February and I love her so much! Out of everyone in the house, she likes me the most. She’s such a beautiful Torti with gorgeous eyes. I’m so happy I chose her!!


Sullivan "Sully" and Oliver "Ollie" are doing great and we absolutely love them!! They have completely acclimated to each other and our dog and we couldn't be happier to have them in our family!


Minky is now Sandy and she is doing great. I have 3 children and she loves them all. Sorry it took me so long to respond. We are currently in the process of potty training her and it’s working. Thanks again for everything. You all are doing a great job over there.

Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

Hi they are doing great. Little trouble makers! They have new names, Pebbles and Bam Bam. Attached is two photos! They are slowly becoming spoiled rotten!


We are totally smitten with Coco. After two weeks, she and our 7 year old cat started play fighting and have not stopped. Thank you SO much for your time in volunteering. We are grateful


Hello. Everything is going great. She is an amazing kitty.


I just wanted to give you an update on Ernie's first few days home. He was awesome for his vet visit and passed with flying colors, other than an eye issue that isn't any big deal. They think it might be from an old wound. He has mixed perfectly with my older female, he even seems to look to her for guidance at times. My younger one is still coming around. Tonight he was allowed out of the bathroom, and after responding in true Ernie fashion by laying under the shower curtain for a bit


Good morning, I just wanted to give you an update on the cat we adopted. He was called One Eyed Jack, or as he is called now, just Jack. His social development has been extraordinary. He comes to be petted and loves the attention. He eats with his two sister cats and interacts very well. He has discovered playing with his toys and is very entertaining. As you can see he has also put on some weight. He LOVES to eat. Thanks for letting us adopt him. He is probably the best cat we ever have


I just wanted to give you an update on Ernie's first few days home. He was awesome for his vet visit and passed with flying colors, other than an eye issue that isn't any big deal. They think it might be from an old wound. He has mixed perfectly with my older female, he even seems to look to her for guidance at times. My younger one is still coming around. Tonight he was allowed out of the bathroom, and after responding in true Ernie fashion by laying under the shower curtain for a bit, he did

Sami Montage Feb2019

"Feb2019: Sami was one of three strays we fostered with litter-mates Stubbi & MellowYellow. We took all to KittenKrazy & ended up adopting back little Sami in Aug2018! She now has a princess life; an older step-brother who tolerates, romps-with, & loves her; she'll curl up on laps, loves to watch birds, and sleeps on the bed. We love our Sami-Miami!"

Reese 2

I am so very sorry it took so long to answer. Reese is absolutely wonderful! It took her some time to get used to the dog, even though he so badly wants to be her friend. She is so happy here, which pleases me. She spends a lot of time at the windows watching the birds and is in my lap every evening. She is a spoiled kitty.


Hi, So far Larri is doing very well. She is starting to get a little more independent and is starting to own my house 😁 I hope she continues to do well as I do everything to make her happy. She is very good at showing love to me. She not one that wants to play to much but that is fine with me, but who knows that may change. She plays about 10 mins. when the lights go out at night but that's about it. She is a great lap cat. She allows me to brush her and her coat is getting much better.ty


Hi Wynne, thanks for checking in! We call him Finnegan or Finn. He is very happy and loved by all


Yes, everything is fine. She is happy and plays with the other cat thanks again for all you have done for our cat loving community 🐈🐈🐈


Ralphie is doing great! We event kept his name because it fits him so well :) I have attached a picture of him (in the back) with our other two cats whom all get along extremely well. The calico in front is from KittenKrazy too. We got her in July of 2017! Old Man Thumper is the other one that we got years ago from a shelter in Cleveland. Thanks for checking up on Ralphie and taking such good care of him before he became ours

Sadie 2

Thank you for the inquiry. Sadie seems to be doing well. Still getting used to my husband and I somewhat, but definitely content with her new space. She is a very sweet girl

Mr Relish - Hamilton

Mr. Relish is doing really well, he is a great cat! He is litter trained and super friendly! He follows the girls everywhere, and loves to play fetch with his springs, super cute. Our dog, Windie, loves him, but Relish is still a little unsure, but getting a little more confident. We have been introducing them slowly. Relish is a talker, and has lots of sounds.


Hocus is adapting very well in the house and he is full of energy. He keeps getting all the cat toys lost under the furniture and the other 2 cats just stare at him while he's having fun.


He is doing amazing! My kids did rename him to Freddy but I personally liked Turkey better. Haha He is def making himself at home as you can see. Thanks for checking in with us. My family couldn’t be happier.


Phoenix, now known as “Rudy “ is such a happy boy. He was so shy at first, but his true personality has emerged! He can be quite feisty and mischievous at times but really seems to want to please. He loves playtime and nap time equally well. He guards us all night, never leaving my side. He has truly been a great match for me and my husband!


Thank you for reaching out. He is doing very well and quickly made himself part of the family. He is certainly a cuddle buddy and a loverboy. He had a growth spurt last week as he got longer and even thickened up. He loves to play and run around and lets the kiddos hold him. He was a hit over Christmas as family was amazed at how calm and sociable he is. He is still learning boundaries as he's all over the kitchen table and counters.


She has settled in wonderfully. Reese’s (new name) is one of the club now. They all have so much fun together and cuddles with Fluffy during their daily naps on the bed. She is loved so much. She is a lap kitty and stretches out at night on the bed. Always needs to be touching someone. We all love her so much. To the man who decided he didn’t want her sure missed out on a sweet lovable girl. Please check in anytime.


Olivia is doing well! She is newly known as Hazel now! First few days were a little rough with a new home and with our other cat! Few days later they can't get enough of each other! Caught our oldest giving her a nice bath. I have attached a picture of them both we got from you guys! Thanks for checking in


Olivia is doing well! She is newly known as Hazel now! First few days were a little rough with a new home and with our other cat! Few days later they can't get enough of each other! Caught our oldest giving her a nice bath. I have attached a picture of them both we got from you guys! Thanks for checking in


Tater is doing wonderful (:


He is doing great! We have had so much fun with him, from day one he’s been super sweet and affectionate. He’s peaceful and snuggly so I can tell he is happy and that’s good bc I was worried he’d miss his brother. But all is well! He also likes to climb on me and sleep on my back!


Kringle is now Nietzsche and he's doing super fine. He gets a long with every body and I mean everyone


Hello. Spice is doing fine. She’s very curious and sweet


Tres has a new name. She comes when called. She loves her new home and we love her 😻❤❤


Foofy the cat was an early Christmas gift to our 6 yo son who decided to name him Sully. Sully was shy when we got him but we slowly introduced him to our home and within 1-2 days he was no longer hiding and was very comfortable with us. He has adapted very well and after a week was happily running all over, cuddling, playing and exploring. He is a very happy kitty, eating and drinking very well and growing! He loves his climbing tower and toys too. We sure do love him


He's great. We named him Char. Like Charcoal. He's adjust very well and seems to be loving his furever home as much as we love him

Mimi and family

Melissa is now Mimi and she is doing fantastic! She loves her two older kitten brothers and her human siblings. She is doing great health wise and is growing fast has a pudgy little belly. Attached are some pictures of her. We absolutely adore her and love her with all our hearts!


Thank you so much for reaching out! We are so thankful we have Batman in our family. We absolutely love him! He is so sweet and cuddly. It was so hard when we lost our two cats a year-and-a-half ago (they were both 16+). We never thought we'd find another who would fill our hearts with much joy. He truly is a special little kitty! Thank you so much! And thank you for the tremendous amount of work you put into finding kitties and cats homes.


Donny is a cuddle bug with his sister Hayley that we also adopted from you. Everyone loves him, what's not to love!


We have renamed Kiki she is now Skye. Skye is very energetic and inquisitive. We love her and has adjusted to her new environment

cookie 9-14-18 (1)

Cookie and Siri are doing fine- they get along so well all day and sleep in the same room all night. They love to play with toys, especially Cookie. Anything is a toy to her. Each day they become closer to us and Cookie and Siri have both been on our laps for short times, although they are not yet total lap cat

siri 6-12-18

Cookie and Siri are doing fine- they get along so well all day and sleep in the same room all night. They love to play with toys, especially Cookie. Anything is a toy to her. Each day they become closer to us and Cookie and Siri have both been on our laps for short times, although they are not yet total lap cat

sugar 9-20-17

Sugar is doing great! She has made friends with my other cats, especially Sabrina (formerly known as Peaches) who I adopted along with her brother Tigger (was Squirrel) in early 2016 from Kitten Krazy. Sugar has the loud meow for which she was noted, and I think it is just wonderful! That potential adopter who said Sugar was too loud was silly. My other kitties have very high pitched meows, and it is good to hear Sugar's talking!

Natasha and Boris

Natasha and Boris tired from playing all day


Brawny enjoying life


Midnight is doing great! He’s super affectionate and loves to sit and be pet. We’re so impressed with how quickly he adjusted.

Loki and Nyx

I couldn't be happier with Anthony (aka Loki) and Dalilah (aka Nyx)! They have adjusted well to my home and now have full reign of most of the house. It is a continuous cycle of non-stop playing and sleeping for them, and they have been inseparable from the moment I got them home. There were no issues with them getting used to their new surroundings, and it didn't take long for them to come out and start exploring. They were also great about using their litter boxes from day one.


Hi. He is doing great, his new name is Bud. He is an awesome cat and I love him very much! Is exactly what I've been looking for and Fitz and great with the family. Thank you for everything you guys do!

Phillip 8-14-18

Philip has settled in very nicely, He is so goofy sometimes that I just laugh and laugh with him. He sleeps with me at night and loves to get into everything-- like hiding under my bed to jump out on my feet. He is really a joy to have around.. I really missed not having a furbaby in my house, so he is just what I needed. Thank You so so much for introducing me to him!!


Jelly Bean, now called Angus, is doing fine. We love him so much! He had learned how to fetch paper balls and spends hours playing. He's getting along with our other cat, Milo pretty well also. We're so glad Angus is a part of our family! I've attached a couple of pictures dio you can see how he is. Thank you to everyone at Kitten Krazy for caring about the cats and helping then find good homes


Blitz is doing really well. He hid pretty solidly for the first week, but has settled in and gotten more comfortable with us now. He’s super affectionate!


We adopted Buster 2 weeks ago and he is a great cat! He slept in the car on the way home, ate and drank from day one, but was just shy. He has bonded with each of us and has been coming out of his shell. He now runs around the house and plays. He is good with the kids, curls up on our laps, loves being brushed, and has a healthy appetite. Here are some photos


She is doing great and I love my Holly


She’s doing well. She’s still adjusting to the dogs, but her and the other cat like to get into things together. She’s become a bit of a night owl and spends most her day sleeping under the bed. She’s very affectionate and likes cuddling in bed with me. She’s a great cat


Mouse is doing great! He frisky and playful as can be, and growing like a weed. He's a lot of fun and a great addition to our family

Bella and Junebug

Bella and Junebug are doing well. Bella is such a love bug!!! She is talkative, very playful and loves everyone and wants constant loving and belly rubs. Junebug is doing better since moving her into our son’s room on her own. They didn’t like sharing a room and Junebug hid that whole time they were together. She is very timid but is talkative and likes to be petted. She is definitely going to take a lot of time to come out of her shell and be trusting


Einstein, now named Tux is doing really good. He has put on some weight, is a normal crazy kitty and has made friends with all our other animals. He still routinely sucks on clothing and loves to cuddle up with us when we sleep.

Max and Midget

Max and Midget have found a place in our home and our hearts. They are awesome she loves to cuddle and purr, he is timid but once you earn his trust he loves his chin rubbed. They are great thank you so much. They already know they rule the place and to be honest we don't mind

Keoki and Kaika

Thank you so much for writing. Bill and Ranvir are both doing well, although we did change their names to Hawaiian names. The orange tabby is now named Keoki, and the gray/black tabby is named Kawika. They are both doing incredibly well, and I have a picture attached that was taken of them last week in their brand-new cat tree. When we got them home, we though Kawika was going to be the lover while Keoki would be the skiddish of the two. However, as the days have gone by, we learned that


Izzy (aka Resnik): Hard Life


I named Ce Ce after a cat I had for a long time named Kokomo. She looks like a smaller version of him. Here are two photos


Can't tell you what a blessing Sailor has been! This was taken the other day and pretty much sums us up. Thanks again for all you do! Julia and Sailor

IMG_20180808_201829 (1)

Here she is She's doing great!!

Pumpkin and Muffin
Muffin and Pumpkin

It’s been 5 weeks and one day since we first picked up our kittens at Kitten Krazy. Pumpkin(orange tabby-brother) and Muffin (Calico-sister) are both doing very well as you can see. They both sleep together at night and during the day have the run of the house. They sleep wherever they want. They eat well and play hard and snooze on and off all day. I speak very highly about Kitten Krazy Cat Shelter and I highly recommend Kitten Krazy to my friends when they are r

Pumpkin and Muffin
Arthur and Nova

They're doing well and getting along fine


Hi! Thanks for checking in on him. He has a new name. My daughter named him Prince, and that, he really is. He is such a sweet and cuddly kitty. We adore him!


Thought you’d like to see how “stressed out” he is a little over a week after his adoption. He’s a great kitty! And gorgeous

Veronica and Jeff

Hi. Thank you for checking in on our kitties. We love them so much and are so happy they have joined our family. (Our 10 year old kitty isn’t quite so sure, but she’s warming up to them little by little.) Veronica (we call her Ronnie) is such a snuggler. She likes to be carried around on a shoulder and will stay in your arms forever. Jett is is very playful and likes taking naps curled up with Ronnie. Here are a couple of pictures of them. Thanks again.


Murphy is doing great. She is super friendly and has been a wonderful addition to my life


Hi, Ozzie is doing great! He adapted quicker than we thought he would, he’s very playful and likes to wrestle with our yorkie and the other cat that’s here. He likes to wake us up by meowing and rubbing his face on ours. He’s very vocal when he wants to be, mostly when he’s hungry and he notices his bowl is empty. Here’s some photos of our sweet boy


See attached picture of Alex (aka Smudge) with big brother and buddy Simon. The 2 are always together. Alex is so friendly, we cannot understand how he was in the shelter for 3 months, but we're certainly glad he was! He has been a wonderful addition to our family

Butter Brickle and Charlie

He is good - getting along with Charlie - they like to wrestle around sometimes - he likes to be by air vents. They are both declawed

Tangerine and Sunkist

Here are M & Goodnight (originally Tangerine and Sunkist). They are happy sisters who have thrived & love being together. They especially enjoy watching the birds outside. They bring me joy every day. Thank you for what you do!!!

Veronica and Jeff

Hi. Thank you for checking in on our kitties. We love them so much and are so happy they have joined our family. (Our 10 year old kitty isn’t quite so sure, but she’s warming up to them little by little.) Veronica (we call her Ronnie) is such a snuggler. She likes to be carried around on a shoulder and will stay in your arms forever. Jett is is very playful and likes taking naps curled up with Ronnie. Here are a couple of pictures of them. Thanks again.


Artemis is doing very very well she’s very happy! I’m very happy with her as well and am very thankful to have her! Her new name is Nebula Artemis Smith! We got the name from the guardians of the galaxy movies. She so very affectionate and loving and vocal too which I love. Quite the loving personality she has. She has dozens of toys too including a big soft kitty bed, another large kitty tower/bed a couple scratch posts and her favorite toy is the plastic spiral toy kitten krazy gave her!


Hi! Just wanted to send you guys an update on the girl we adopted on Friday. Her name there was Brynne (one of the Grafton kitties). We immediately fell in love with her when we met her and knew that she was meant for us! She is settling in very nicely at her new home. She is such a people person and if she can't see us she will meow until she finds us. She's such a snuggle bug and she and my daughter are already inseparable. We love her so much! Thank you for what you do! I've attached a few p


Thanks for checking in. We are all doing well. Aurora certainly does love to eat!


Judy (now Sadie) is doing great. She has integrated great with our other kitty Sasha. She is very playful. Sadie has quickly captured our hearts and is part of the family now. She is growing, not so tiny anymore. I have included a couple pictures below for you


Thanks for checking in. We are all doing well. Aurora certainly does love to eat!

Hobbs Izzy and Gracie
Redford - Grampa
Rocky 2

here are a few pix of Rye. We have renamed him "Rocky". He is doing fine we just love him. Our 3 females are adjusting ok.


Apollo (now known as Phil) is great! We LOVE him so much! He is such a character. He makes us laugh every day. He also loves to snuggle. He fits right in we our family. Thanks for all you do!


Frankie is doing wonderfully! And yes, being Tribe fans we did keep her name! She is settling in well and has gained a pound since coming home, (she had her first vet appointment today) so she is still loving her food! Her favorite thing to do right now is chanse her tail! That darn thing really bugs her at midnight.

Jax - Ziggy

I named him Jax and he is doing great.

Ash and new friend

Ash is doing great! She fit right in with no problems She has plenty of playmates to keep her busy lol She now has 1 older brother, 1 younger brother, and 3 older sisters! (We have a House full of rescues)

Laurel and Jayce

We are enjoying them. We changed laurel's name to Babee and jayce's name to Chloe. They are great kittens


Just a few of his toys...😊


Hello just wanted to let you know that Josh has made a great addition to our family and is bonding well. We changed her name to Melanie. We love her so much!!!!


Hi Wendy. My wife and I adopted Oscar yesterday, just some photos and also a big thank you!! We love him!!!


Hi Wendy. My wife and I adopted Oscar yesterday, just some photos and also a big thank you!! We love him!!!


He is the sweetest kitten! So friendly and cuddly! We love him !


He’s doing fine. He took over the house the moment we got home. Thanks for having such a marvelous facility to find good homes for so many kitties. Linda & Hobbes

Leia - Delilah

I LOVE Leia... we changed her name to Delilah. She is such a playful little kitty. She is really getting making herself at home here, and becoming friends with our other kitty friend Gizmo. Thank you for reaching out


Spanky is living the dream. Has the best view in the house. We love him, and he sure is growing. Spanky is a bundle of fun


"Froggy", now Bandit, is doing great! He is OBSESSED with these springs. He carries them all over the house. If we ever move, we will probably find 100 of these things all over the place. He is so full of love and keeps us entertained. Thank you guys again for everything you do

Abbott and Costello

Both Abbott and Costello are doing great. They love their new home and will not leave us alone. They are very playful and loving Brothers. I am attaching a few photos for you


Hi there, Auggie is doing amazing! He has a new name of Reuben to fit the food theme we have with our other cats. 😊 he is one very spoiled kitty.


Hi there! Oh we just adore Hollie! She fit in so well here! The first 2 days she didn’t leave the family room. After that she sleeps in our bed every night 😂 She purrs nonstop, loves to play in the morning and enjoys being wrapped up and carried around by 2 little girls 💕💕💕


When my neighbor adopted her about 3 1/2 years ago from Kitten Krazy, her name was Annie. Now she is just called Kitty. Kitty is a real lap cat, but does not like to be petted too much. She is very sweet, and very well taken care of, totally spoiled by her loving mom. She likes to sleep in or on paper bag

Beau and Marshall

Hi, We adopted Beau (groot) and Marshall from Kitten Krazy. Both are FIV positive. The boys love to be together all the time. They hate when they can't find see each other. They spend their days cuddling and sleeping together. Beau who we thought didn't care for other cats, has taken Marshall under his wing and is the best big brother. Marshall has really came out of his skittish shell, he's not find of new people. He prefers to be held by only mom and dad. Beau only likes to be held by mom.


Skylar is doing very well, we have Renamed her Vino 😻. She has quite a playful personality and is fitting in with our 3 dogs and our other cat. Thank you for taking care of her and allowing us to add her to our family

Maddison and Mason

Both of them have fit into our family "purrfectly"! Ozzy we have renamed "Mason" the first day we brought him home he just cuddled and purred the entire time! Angel we have renamed "Maddison" while she was a little shy at first, she is now very outgoing! She is a little smaller than Mason but she is right there tumbling and playing with him. They are the best of friends! They have brought so much love and joy to our lives

Oliver (trenton)

Trenton is now Oliver. He was super skittish at first but is now fully in the swing of being in our crazy house. He has three other cat friends and four boys to love him. He has the loudest purr and loves getting pet


Froggy is doing absolutely wonderful! He adjusted very quickly and loves our other dogs and cats. He definitely takes after his brother Spanky and can be a little troublemaker sometimes, but you just have to laugh at how cute he is. One of his favorite nightly activities to wear him out is watching interactive cat games on the compute


Ringo is doing very well, he is eating a lot and loves to play. He is a very nice kitten and very helpful in everything we are trying to do. Our older cat is no longer freaking out around him, but they are not exactly friends... at least they are making progress. Thank you for checking on the little guy. I hope all of your kittens are going to good homes, I wanted to take them all home when we were there


Hello Oliver is having a grand time. He is a moose for a cat. Very lovable , very curious , he is doing great


Batman is doing great, he’s laying on my lap right now! :) He was having a bit of a hard time adjusting to his food at first but it’s gotten better. He’s very loving and always licking my face so we’re working on that because he’s got a rough kitty tongue.


Peaches is doing great! She is the queen of the house and she loves it. She has lots of toys (she had a very good christmas) and places to play. She’s the best cat I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful I have her! She’s so sweet, I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t keep her forever. I attached some pictures so hopefully you can see those!


Hi! He is doing great! He is the sweetest kitten I have ever met. I have 2 kids ages 5 and 3, and he is so calm and patient with them. He is always on someone’s lap! He sure likes to eat too! I was curious on how much he used to eat and how much I should be feeding him a day. He also is obsessed with milk. If you eat a bowl of cereal anywhere near him he runs and sticks his head in your bowl. It’s too funny! Do you guys give the kitties milk there? We are so happy we adopted him. He is the best

Ashalt 1

Hi! He is doing great! He is the sweetest kitten I have ever met. I have 2 kids ages 5 and 3, and he is so calm and patient with them. He is always on someone’s lap! He sure likes to eat too! I was curious on how much he used to eat and how much I should be feeding him a day. He also is obsessed with milk. If you eat a bowl of cereal anywhere near him he runs and sticks his head in your bowl. It’s too funny! Do you guys give the kitties milk there? We are so happy we adopted him. He is the best


Hello, She’s been doing amazing. She loves her new home and we’re very happy to have her here. She plays all day with my daughter and they’ve bonded so well


She is doing great! She is an extremely cuddly cat, she loves to play and even play fetch. We didn't have to teach her how, she just naturally does it. I know she has a sister that may still be with you guys, she may have the same unique tricks as well! She likes to look outside from her "perch" to make sure everything outside is okay. We absolutely adore her and could not imagine not having her with us

Peanut and Cloud
Popper and Sparkler

Both kitties our getting lots of love in our house. Our girls are learning that the gentler they are, they more kitten time they get. :)

Coolio and Cher 2

We LOVE our new kitty additions to our family. Our sons (3yrs & 6yrs old) renamed them Snuggles and Hulk. Hulk has no fear and is super curious, although he is a cuddler too. Snuggles is true to her name and is so sweet and lovable. We are so happy that we adopted both of them because they love to wrestle and play with each other. We give them lots of love and they give it right back to us with their motors running all the time! Thanks for checking on them

Who is peeking

I see you


Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out. The kitties are doing awesome! Pumpkin and Jack (new name Oxford) are as if they are real brothers- they are already spoiled and loving their new home- they’re big brother, Hercules (he’s 11) is doing well with them too! My daughters used their own money to go out and buy their new kitties beds, toys and new food bowls too! We even visited Quick Fix for a rabies voucher too! You are all awesome! Thank you for all you do— I


Thanks for checking in with us. We love her and she loves her new home! We named her Willow. My kids adore her


Cherish is doing better than we expected. We figured she would be a by herself cat but thats not the case. She follows us everywhere and does everything with us. She loves her cuddles and scratches! Her favorite thing is to lay in the bathroom sink. Shes the perfect cat


I just want to let you know that the first night went well. My other kitten (little girl) is taking some time to adjust but she still chase's after him as well. He likes my older dog (buddy) because he doesn't do much. He likes my puppy (thor) when he is laying down and he can go up to him. He slept on the bed all night with us last night so far so good! He is so lovey though!! Thank you again for last night and staying open longer it really made my day that I was able to get Larry as we had a

Frankie - Xena

Frankie (who was renamed Xena warrior princess) lol. She did fabulous coming into our home. First 2 hours she was exploring around. She ate her food and drank water and used her litter box all within a few hours of being in our home. Very friendly and likes to lay with my kids or me or my mom cuz my mom uses a heating pad. The first evening she got right in the bed in between my 2 daughter’s ages 7 & 4 and snuggles while they watched their tablets. We all love her. ❤️

Gabrille and Murphy

Thank you for checking in on Gabrille and Murphy. The kitties now go by the names of Harry and Silas :) Both Harry and Silas have adjusted very well to their new home. My fiance and I are so much in love with our new kittens and are thankful for the referral to Kitten Krazy. Your volunteers and staff made sure they both were healthy and well cared for during the transition from your center to our home. I have recommended Kitten Krazy to all out friends and family.


When my son was sick with strep last week Quincy stayed by his side the whole day and night, only left to eat/drink or use the bathroom. He is the sweetest boy

Mac Gregor and Priscilla

Thank you so much for the pictures of Mac Gregor(Luna). We can’t believe how small she was. The kittens are doing good had a good check up at the vet. They are the most cuddly and affectionate cats we ever had. They like to sleep with my son and daughter and love the new kitty condo my husband and son built for them. Priscilla(Thea)is definitely going to be a bigger cat I attached some picture so you can see how big they are getting.

FullSizeRender (3)

When you posted her picture on Facebook, i thought she was really cute. Then I went to see a former coworker of mine, Candy, and she asked me if I had seen your post because she really liked her and thought she would make a great addition to her family. She recently moved into her own place, where before she had roommates with animals. Now her cat "Jack" was lonely. After this conversation, I talked it over with my husband and we decided that we would adopt Sweet Pea, but if Candy really want

Leeloo - Greta

Both are very well taken car of and very happy ,thank you

Eeyore and Brick

Thank you for making our family complete again!


We absolutely love Brewster! He is even growing used to our Rottie and I have caught them sleeping close to each other. If was my dogs choice, they'd be snuggled up real close. We got Brewster for my son. He has autism and loves animals but can be excitable and a little too attentive. Brewster is awesome for him and they have definitely bonded. The pics attached tell the story better.

Hal - Beau

‘Hal’ is fantastic and is getting used to his new home. He is just getting introduced to the other parts of the house and his kitty brothers. I am taking him to our family vet next week for a full checkup. We changed his name to Beau. All of my cats are named after famous people and he was named after a Civil War general

Mr M - Dylan

Mr M found a great home where he is loved by all of his new furrsisters and furrbrother

Kyle - Coal

Hello! He is doing good. He is such a lover! He still isnt sure about the kids so he likes to stay upstairs alot but he is coming down more. Just think it will take some time! Thank you for checking in! He actually sleeps on top of my head and on my pillow every night lol. Ill include some photos. Once again thanks for giving us Kyle (we renamed him Coal)!

Pitty Paddy and Betty

They are so very sweet and have adjusted quickly. They had a good well kitten check up with our vet and finished up their shots. Putty pat had a few dead fleas and remnants etc... bu Betty jumped into the toilet once but has not repeated the behavior;) both like to chew but cuddle and groom each other.

Molly 2

Molly sleeping

Cinnamon - Molly

Thanks for checking in on Cinnamon now known as Molly! She is an absolute delight. She sleeps with my husband and I every night...awakens us at 5:00 for fancy feast and plays and runs all day until she conks out and then plays and runs some more. She has adjusted beautifully and we want to thank you for giving her such a good start. It was a pleasure to meet some of your staff and see the love they have for all the cats and the dedication to the rescue center and its purpose. I appreciate all yo

Alexia - Pumpkin

We are so happy with Alexa, our family actually renamed her Pumpkin! She is so sweet, and loves cuddling with us. She’s very inquisitive and loves our water bowl container, especially because the reservoir makes bubbles. She’s learned to tap the water to make it send bubbles to the top. She gets along great with our other cats. Since she’s the youngest she gets them playing with her, quite funny! We got her a scratching post with carpet and rope, she climbs it and perches on top of it. She also

Jack - Finnigan

Thank you for checking in. 'Jack' or Finnigan as we call him now is doing great! Take a look at his picture attached. He is loving it up


Good afternoon!! She is doing wonderfully, and she has settled in great to her new home with Molly (Bunsen) and I. They love to play together, and her favorite thing to do is sit on the freshly folded laundry on my bed. She's an absolute sweetheart, and she has so much energy! Photos are attached. Thank you for checking in!!


I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to send some pictures of Cowboy at home with his new buddy Ned. Ned hissed at him for a day or so and by last Wednesday they were snuggling. Two bad kitties on the dining room table but they're too cute to be mad at! We love having Cowboy at home, the two of them together are characters!

Anastasia Georgie

Anastasia (Georgie) is doing really well! It was a little rough at first introducing her to my 2 year old cat but after just a couple of days they were best buds!

Desi - Louie

He is doing great. I named him Louie. It didn't take very long for him to adapt to a new setting and he's made himself at home. He enjoys looking out the window spying on birds. He is very playful and goofy. He is a very friendly and loving kitten. He enjoys cuddling and likes to lay on me any chance he gets. Whenever I come home, he is always waiting at the door for me to give him attention. I am thankful for your shelter and the amazing job you guys do there. I attached a picture of him so you

Amelia Earhart

I am so so happy with our new addition to our family! I renamed her Amelia, after Amelia Earhart because I am becoming an airline pilot! She is a sassy girl who rules everyone around her! She's super sweet and is always talking to us! She purrs when she eats, she knows when it's time for bed, she has crazy amounts of toys, and is spoiled beyond belief! She's becoming such a pretty kitty and I adore her! I've attached some photos that I hope you enjoy! Thank you for giving me my sweet girl!

Murray and new Best Friend

Murray the kitty is wonderful . He's a perfect addition to my family. He's made himself right at home. I couldn't be happier

jimmy boots 2

Hello!! Jimmy has become Jimmy Boots. He is a wonderful addition to our family. His new best friend, Sam, is so happy he has a younger friend to play with him. Our other furry friends are beginning to slow down due to age and Sam is less than a year old. Jimmy Boots has an elder to teach him manners and a younger to play. He is very healthy and will meet doctor Roberts soon to continue his vaccines. Thank you for checking on him. He is a good boy with a nice, laid back personality. Keep up the

Foster - Luna

Foster is now our Luna and she is wobderful. Luna has a sister cat named Clover and an Aunt puppy named Lola. They all get along most if the time except when the sister kitties eat Aunt Lolas dog food. Lol I've attached some pictures to show you how well she's adjusted. Thank you, Luna and my daughter Kayleigh are made for each other, she has found her forever home.

Owly and friend

They are doing great...


I'm so glad to hear from you! I'm happy to say that she and I are bonding so well. She's my pride and joy! She loves to cuddle with me, and she always wants to be held. She enjoys her mouse toy more than anything, but she doesn't like me to see her play with her toys. She's very private about that! She also loves to sit in my lap and watch Ohio State football with me. I have attached a few photos taken recently of her!

Tommy - Cisco

Cisco is now Tommy and having the best time with his new big sister and a whole house to romp in. He is absolutely wonderfully affectionate and playful and I can't thank you enough for taking care of him until I found him! Kittenkrazy is a great friendly environment and a true blessing to the community

Socks - Mittens

Socks is doing great! We have changed her name to Mittens. She is loving her new home, and she is so sweet and funny! If we leave the door open at night, when we wake up, she is always at the edge of our bed! If the door is closed, then she drags her feather on a stick toy, drags it upstairs and waits outside the door with it. She also always follows us around, like a dog! She also has never went to the bathroom on the floor, it took her a few days before she went, but after that, she knew what

Tommy and Michael

Tired after playing, they are the best

Tommy and Michael

Enjoying playing with the cool large green snake, (originally Justice and Tommy)

sassy - candy

She is doing great. We have decided to name her Sassafras shorten to Sassy, because that is what she is Sassy. As you can see she is already spoiled rotten and loved greatly.

eeyore 7-24-17

She is doing great. We have decided to name her Sassafras shorten to Sassy, because that is what she is Sassy. As you can see she is already spoiled rotten and loved greatly.

Mirabella - Abby

She is doing good we changed her name to Abby. She has adapted well to her new home. Loves to play with toys, and relax in her cat condo.

Esther - Tiffany

She is doing GREAT! As I’m sure many people do, we changed her name— it is Esther now. She is so spunky and fun. Our older cat (1 1/2), Simba, did not like her for the first couple days and was so confused about what this tiny creature was lol. But now they are the best of friends! They cuddle, clean each other and play non-stop! They LOVE to wake us up in the middle of the night chasing each other back and forth from the cat tree to the living room. We are so happy we added her to our family! I

Simon- Vader

he's a happy spoiled boy. He loves his new big home with all kinds of rooms to explore. He's also getting a kitty stroller for walks and a harness to walk outside. My family just adores our new little man!🖤💜🖤💙

Preston - Cloud

Preston, now Cloud, is doing well. As of today he is 4 lbs. He has been to the vet twice now with a scratched cornea ( the reason his one eye was cloudy in the kitten picture) it is healing by itself, and doesn't seem to bother him much. He and Peanut (Daria) are getting along, at least as far as hunting spiders in the basement. They still do Chase each other around the house


We adopted Shandy a week ago today! She is adjusting very well and is happy and relaxed


I adopted Simba, formerly known as Tidge, a couple weeks ago. He is such a sweet, playful guy. I'm so happy he's part of my family

Clarrisa = Cali

Thank you for asking about Carissa, aka Cali and peanut. She is doing great and loves her new home. Her brother Buddy has taken such a liking to her and follows her around everywhere. Luna, her sister, is still feeling her out a bit, but as of yet no cat fights. My wife is trying to take some photos which we will share with you. It's hard to get three cats to sit still a pose for the camera. I have attached a couple if photos to the email. Thank you very much for everything we truly love

Dill - Relish

Dill and Relish, now Franky and Johnny, are doing fine! We love these two cuddly, adorable boys. They had a little tummy upset after I brought them home and now that I have them on a good, grain-free dry food and a high quality wet food they are doing great. Thanks for checking and I'll try to send pictures soon


Hi, We are enjoying our new kitty and actually adopted two others at the same time so they are all having a blast. Thanks for checking in! Three's a crowd 😊

Athena and  Aphrodite

Athena and Aphrodite love they're new home and are growing. They absolutely love they're own bedroom and new toys. They love my dog and get along real good with him and everyone they've met. I renamed Athena cookie and Aphrodite Cupcake.


Great Kitty who loves my bed

Roo - 2

Roo is doing very very well we love him so much! We renamed him mason and he adjusted to our house so well. He's so loving and playful and is just like a little ball of energy running through our house we love it.

Roo - 1
Miss Sunny 2
Miss Sunny

Diva is an amazing young lady who has acclimated to our family as though she had always lived here. She is a warm and loving friend who is playful and spirited but will cuddle when the time is right. Our family lovingly jokes that she is a bit of a klutz who would trip over her own shadow but thats part of her special personality. Thank you so much for helping her to find us and for allowing us to welcome her into our home.

Groot - Beau

We are honestly so happy! He has brought so much happiness and love to our little family! He seems so happy! Here's a new photo after he caught a fly :)

Miss Sunny 2

Thanks for asking about her. She is doing great, loves to chase "mice" and carry them around. Very vocal about mealtime, and when she wants to play. She has us well trained. However, a more painful trait is when she runs up my body to my neck! Ouch. She's got a powerful purr and is super friendly and loving. We made the right choice with this little girl.


On 1/12/2017 we adopted Wesley (Sir Walter). I just wanted to give you an update and let you know he is doing great. He is a one of a kind guy, who I swear thinks he is a dog (although we do not have dogs) He loves to play tug and fetch


Just a quick note to let you know that Lulu is doing fantastic. We had a 1st birthday party for her on July 20th she is now a CAT not a kitten anymore! She is a real sweetheart, she makes our house a home. THANKS

Jezebel 1_edited

Jezebel is doing great. She has adjusted well to her new home and we just love her. She loves to play and cuddle, and is really starting to show her personality. We are so happy to have found her

Frederica 2
Frederica 4

Hi! Yes we looooooooooooove her! We renamed her Nina. She is affectionate, playful, mild tempered and adventurous! We let her come out back on our deck sometimes and I caught her in the tree! But she came down and she mostly just likes to lie in the grass around the trees. At first she would hiss and spit at our dog lexi but now she's more curious of her than afraid of her and they spend time playing with one another. She lets the boys pick her up and play with her and even tries to cuddle with


He has adjusted well. He is definitely king of the house lol. He has shown the dogs who is boss. He sleeps with me every night, and wakes me up bright and early by stepping on my head until I feed him lol


Paul (Adopted August 2009). Click the link below to read more of Paul's story!


Shadow- Click the link before to read more about Shadow!


Mr. Meowgi (formerly Rohan)- click the link to read more!

Primrose and Daisy (Fluffy) 5

Primrose and Daisy (formerly Fluffy) are loving life in their home. Click the link below to read more.

Tina Phaye (Tina)

Tina Phaye (formerly known as Tina). Click the link before to read more about Tina Phaye's antics!


Ralphie- click the link below to read more about Ralphie!

Tribble (Smoke)

Tribble (formerly known as Smoke). Click the link below to read more of Tribble's story!

Jenny 1-30-16

Jenny. Click the link below to read more of Jenny's story!

Milo (Dandy)

Milo (formerly known as Dandy). Click the link below to see Milo's outfits and to read more about him!

Izzy (Pickles)

Izzy (formerly known as Pickles). Click the link below to read more about Bizzy Izzy!


Click the link below to read more about Cleoh!

Rhett at home

Rhett (adopted August 2008). Click the link below for Rhett's bio!


Eva is a sweet cat. Click the link below to read more about this beautiful girl!

Dolce (Birdie)

Dolce is loving life with her humans and her dog! Click the link to read more of Dolce's story!

Quinzel (Impala) 1

Quinzel (formerly known as Impala). Click the link below to read more of Quinzel's story!

Cecil 4

Cecil. Click the link below to read more of Cecil's story!

Luna (Quinn)

Luna (formerly known as Quinn). Click the link below to read more of Luna's story!


Charlie, this beautiful Siamese, enjoys life in his cozy furr-ever home! Click the link below for more!

Chewy (Feta) and Bandit (Finch) at home 3_edited

Chewy and Bandit are loving life with their humans (and canine sister Bella!) Click the link for more!

Leo (Biscuit) at home 2

Leo loves his new home! Click the link for more!

Rylo (Charlie)

Rylo is getting ready to go off to college in the fall! To read more about his journey, click the link below.

Peppa (Angelface) 3

Peppa loves her new home where there's video games and all sorts of things to watch! Click the link below to read more!


Joanie is queen of her castle! Click the link below to read more!

Cho at home 1

Cho is doing great at his furrrever home. Click below!


Robby loves his human and her vertical blinds! Click the link below for more.

Jake (Olaf) 4

Jake loves to watch TV and keep his family entertained! Click the link below for more!


Foxy, ever the mama's boy, loves his furr-ever home. Click the link below to read more!

Stormy 2-8-16 2

Stormy adjusted to life in her purrrmanent home immediately! Click the link below to read more of Stormy's story.

Garfield (Cruz)

Garfield has settled in just fine! Click the link below to read more of Garfield's story.

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