Quinn (now Luna)

Let me tell you a  little about Luna. We adopted her January 14th, 2016. She was being showed at Petsmart. We had gone to Kitten Krazy a few months earlier to adopt a friend for our one cat, and ended up getting 2 kittens. We had seen Luna there at that time, her shelter name was Quinn.  

We went to Petsmart several months later, to buy some goldfish food, and I went to go look at the cats and kittens. Then, I saw Luna. She was STILL there. We went home, and talked about her, and two days later we decided to go and get her. Adoption day was so fun! When she came home she was a little shy, but eventually all 3 of our cats got along with her. 

She now is completely used to her new home, and loves watching our Lizard's crickets, loves playing with toys, her laser, and her very favorite thing to do is play with ice-cubes. She loves sleeping with me. Every time she sees we put them in her water bowl, she comes running and starts trying to fish them out.  Her nickname is " The Ice Queen "  She is our lovely little girl,and we thank God for her. She is such a blessing in our lives!                                                 

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