Primrose and Fluffy (Daisy)

My husband and I adopted Primrose and then came back a month later and adopted Fluffy. Just thought I'd send you an update!

We renamed Fluffy. Her name is now Daisy. Primrose and Daisy are a great pair. They get along very well and spend a lot of time together. Daisy has a very playful and fun personality. She meows loudly every time she walks into a room like she's announcing her entrance. She loves to play and frequently wakes us up with her extra loud purring throughout the night while laying on top of me. Her outgoing nature has helped to bring Primrose out of her shell a bit. Prim is still very shy but has much more confidence than when we first brought her home. She is comfortable walking around the house and lounging on the cat condo. She won't sit on our laps but sits on the chair next to us when watching TV. This is definitely progress! Her favorite place to be is on the window sill watching all the outdoor activities and critters all day.

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