Rhett and Paul

Rhett was adopted as a kitten in August of 2008 by Mark and Alexandria Scott.  They loved his feisty personality and his loving nature.  He is a playful guy, who loves to chase his adopted brother all over the house.  He is extremely curious, and often finds himself in trouble with Mom and Dad for being in places he doesn't belong.  He also loves his human baby brother Jimmy, but sometimes, he gets a little tired of roughhousing and will retreat to a quieter part of the house.

Paul came to Kitten Krazy as part of the Beatles litter.  He was adopted out, and then returned when his owner could no longer take care of him.  He was sent back to the shelter as a sweet, but shy boy.  Paul went to his forever home in February 2009 where he is now part of a two cat household.  Paul loves to spend time with his adopted brother Rhett and loves to laze around the house and eat. He is nuts about canned food and loves the laser pointer!

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