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Yesterday was a busy day with lots of hustle and bustle. We took in two baby kittens that will be going in to foster (they are little!). We also sent three kitties to see the amazing staff at Awesome Paws Medina for grooming- Bronco, Pepe and Jose. They came back looking fabulous!! Thank you Denise and Mary at Awesome Paws- you are wonderful people who do great work! Check out their website and book an appointment for your furry friend :)

We also adopted out Malcolm yesterday. He went to the same family that adopted his pal Maurice last weekend!

We moved all of the adoptable kittens into a free roaming room and converted Room 1 into a free roaming room to situate the adults that had to be moved to make way for the babies. Stop in and come see the babies running and playing and having a ball!

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