EASY, SIMPLE, & FREE Ways to Give!

What if we told you that you could support cats and kittens in a way that's EASY, SIMPLE, and NO COST to you? It sounds too good to be true, but we're not kitten! Anytime you shop at one of the retailers listed below, mention Kitten Krazy to generate an automatic donation to our shelter.

P.S. Interested in other ways to give with your purchases? Checkout our online shops!

Did you know that you can generate a FREE donation to the charity of your choice with EVERY Amazon purchase you make when ordering on smile.amazon.com? Log in with your existing Amazon account, and select Kitten Krazy as your organization of choice to support us.

When you purchase items at any GFS, please mention Kitten Krazy at the register when asked if your purchases are for personal or a company and your total dollars spent will go into the Kitten Krazy rewards account.  At the end of the year, we could receive up to 7% of our total account!

Shop.com – the site with more than 4000 retailers and brands that PAY you (from their advertising budgets) to shop with them online, for the things you already need and use every day! They will also pay Kitten Krazy for referring its friends and supporters to use the site. It’s all about collaboration!


Register a free account and start shopping for your family – and helping Kitten Krazy at the same time. Win-win! Some people have even found a way to buy items for the shelter through shop.com and have an instant record of their donation. Ask us how. Check it out at http://www.shop.com/supportkittenkrazy

Kitten Krazy is now on iGive.com! Shop online and Kitten Krazy receives a portion of your purchase. With over 1,725 partnered stores from A-Z, supporting your cause has never been easier. Plus the iGive browser addition alerts you to specials, coupons, free shipping offers, & more. Join iGive.com and everyone wins! 

To learn more or sign up now, use this link:

To add the iGive button to your browser:

If you use Fresh Step cat litter in your home, you can enter the codes on the packaging for Paw Points. Paw Points can be spent on prizes, or you can donate them to Kitten Krazy so we can get free litter.

Visit https://www.freshstep.com/paw-points/donate-points/ to learn more.