SStormy came to us from another rescue.  She was sent to Quick Fix under the assumption that she was pregnant and that perhaps we would take her and her potential babies.  We agreed, but our amazing clinic staff realized that Stormy had a massive infection in her uterus and was very sick and close to death.  The Quick Fix medical team saved her life, but Stormy went through major abdominal surgery and had a long, bumpy recovery.  She was grouchy and would hiss at anyone who would visit her cage.  As she she healed enough to take out of the cage and put her in a free-roaming room, she became a little less grumpy, but would beat up on the other cats in her room.  Finally, her human mom came to see her and there was an instant connection!  In the car, on the way to her furrever home, Stormy purred the entire time.  She has blossomed into her role as queen kitty and demands tribute in the form of petting and even more petting.  She rewards her human mom with lots and lots of purring and love.  We are beyond thrilled for this happy ending, and could not have chosen a better matchup!!  

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