The Story of Louie!

Man, do we LOVE Louie at Kitten Krazy! He came to us when he was just 4 weeks old – only 1 pound!  Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron has a “Good Samaritan” program whereby they take in cats & kittens that have been found by the public that need medical help. Once the cat is determined to be “out of the woods”, they call local rescues to take them to continue their care until they can be adopted out. Metropolitan called on Kitten Krazy once again on 8/2/22 to take in Louie. He was a sick and injured kitten found on the sidewalk in Wadsworth and surrendered to Metro on 7/31/22. His temperature was only 91 degrees (normal is 101 +/-) and he could only slightly open his mouth.  X-Rays showed a possible fracture in his jaw that Metro vets thought would eventually heal on its own. He also had a bad cold. Louie immediately captured our hearts when he arrived as a little all-white ball of fur with his tongue sticking out. One of our most dedicated volunteers, Irene, took charge of his care and for the past four months has taken him home every night and back into Kitten Krazy every day so that he can be fed by syringe when he was younger and now needs a special mixture of food that he can lick.


I have always referred to Irene as “Grammy” – her endless love for the kittens with disabilities is nothing less than heroic! After 3 months, we knew Louie would not heal on his own and his mouth was not going to open. We have taken him to a number of veterinarians over the past several months and most recently, VCA Great Lakes Specialists in Warrensville Heights, where we had a CT Scan done to see if he needed surgery – that visit alone cost us over $1,000! After several weeks of research and trying to determine his actual condition, their vets determined that Louie’s condition is congenital – he was born this way. His right mandible is flat and sits against his skull thus preventing him from opening his mouth. The surgeons at VCA decided to refer us to Ohio State University’s Veterinary College to have their specialists perform the necessary surgery. He is scheduled for his consultation on Tuesday, December 6th and surgery the next day. This surgery is going to be very complicated for various reasons and will cost between $3,000 and $4,000. This is the most money we have ever spent on any one animal in almost 20 years, but he deserves it.

He is playful, loves people and other kitties, and has always brought joy to everyone who meets him – including his doctors and staff! Won’t you consider sending your best donation today – Giving Tuesday – so that Kitten Krazy can afford this life-changing surgery for Louie? Our paypal link is located at or you can mail a check to Kitten Krazy, 930 Lafayette Road – Unit A, Medina, OH 44256. Please put in the memo of all donations “Louie’s Fund”. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity – it means so much to us to know we have partners out there who also care!


God bless,

Wendy Mirrotto, Founder & Executive Director

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