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In addition to our website, we would also like to point out a number of excellent local "Lost and Found" resources that exist on the Internet. 

- Pawboost.com

- Sam the Parrot's Facebook Page

- Medina County OH Lost and Found Pets Facebook Group

- Medina County's Pets Will Stray Facebook Page

Photos of lost or found cats can also be emailed to Debbie at debbiea@kittenkrazy.org to be posted on the website.  Please include the date the cat was found/lost, contact information, area from which the cat was found in or lost from, a description of the cat and any other important information that would be helpful in reuniting the kitty with its family. 

January 01, 2020


 Our cats name is Oona. Female about 4-5 months old calico. Mainly white but lots of orange and black. She is fixed but does not have a chip yet. No collar either this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

January 01, 2020


2 yr old male gray and white long-haired cat.  Neutered and declawed x4.  Has several large mats in fur, especially on sides of head (hates being brushed!)  Last seen near Boneta and 162 in Sharon Center.  Name is Louie… has several nicknames:  Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Boo Kitty, Shitty Kitty, Boo Dozer, King Lou, Big Lou.  Has been indoor only, not sure how he will be outside, likely timid.  He does NOT like to be petted or held, but does like to be talked to and is overall friendly/curious.  He does bite if you pet him or play with him.  His BFF is a large dog

January 03, 2019


Missing Cat Thomas 4 yrs old 12# friendly & vocal missing from Fenn/Abbeyville Road, York Missing after 3pm April 11 2019. If found please call 330-723-5108 Thank you, Linda

January 03, 2019


Missing since 12/31/18 from Sharon Copley Rd near Medina Line.  Coraline is a 1 yr old female with no collar. She has a unique white marking on her face.  She’s a little skittish so may not come up to you.



November 05, 2018


Black and White cat with a small black spot on her upper right lip. Was wearing a pink collar with a name tag and Bell on it when she went missing. On the smaller side. Super friendly, talkative and loves cuddles.

(330) 421-3980

Near W Smith Rd & Baxter St

January 01, 2020

Write a catchy title...







she’s a red and silver fox , only 7 months wearing a blue harness




Medina, OH 44256


Near Livia Lane, Medina, OH, USA


View on Google Maps


October 13, 2018


(440) 752-4722

September 04, 2018

Lost Cat

Domestic long hair adult female cat. 7 years old. 

Spayed, half feral. Left foot slightly orange color.

Last seen on Saturday, August 25th, between the 600 to 800 block of East Smith Rd. Medina.

Please Contact: (330) 723-2079 or ashleycat800@gmail.com

August 31, 2018

Lost Ct

My cat wondered off and I can not find him he was last seen around 411 south Broadway ( which happens to be where he grew up.. we moved.) If you could post his picture on your web sight that would be wonderful.

August 27, 2018


We recently lost our cat . Our three-year-old cat named Tabby is missing. He was last seen on Sturbridge Drive between RT-57 and RT-3 in Medina on Saturday, August 18th. He his a neutered tabby cat and was wearing a red and white paw-print collar with name tag. We ask that if anyone has seen or found found him they contact us at 330-590-0393 or 330-541-7378

June 19, 2018


Two of our cats have gone missing in the past week. We are located on Remsen Rd by I 71 in Medina


First one is Caesar, he is grey and white tabby with a broken/crooked tail


Second is Precious – she is a calico


I have attached phots of each.


My contact number is 330-410-6013.


I hope you can help me locate my kitties.

June 19, 2018


Sebastian. Missing 6-6-18 from Hunter's Run subdivision in Chippewa Lake. Male, grey and cream Siamese. Declawed in front. Neutered. Thank you for your help! Cathy Gasper (734) 365-9688. 

June 19, 2018


Simba went missing at the Polo Club Apartments in Strongsville

Contact if found 440 465 7585

March 31, 2018


Male Siamese approx 1 year old. Lost in Brunswick Hills Montgomery and Aldersyde on 3/30/18. Seal point cream and brown. Blue eyes but distinctly cross eyed. Name Belmo but does not respond to name. Very friendly but extremely skittish

March 31, 2018


This sweet guy wondered out last night on Law Rd in Valley City. He is 14 years old so I don’t believe he could have gone too far,  please contact Kitten Krazy if found

March 22, 2018


We are missing our cat we rescued. He is all black with white on his neck he had an orange collar and orange eyes. He is declawed and fixed. His name is Cosmo.  We are from Wadsworth

March 06, 2018


Large, sweet, 7-year-old, orange, neutered, long-haired, male tabby is missing since beginning of February 2018.  Last seen at his  home on Walnut Dr. in the City of Medina, Ohio.
Please call or text Kate at (330) 441-0840 if you have any information regarding Addicus or know of his whereabouts

January 12, 2018


Lost Dog, Our dog Bella is missing.  She is black shit tzu/Yorkie mix, please call immediately if youseen or know where she could possible be, 440-570-5323  or Dan Shea 216-870-0863

January 12, 2018

Stanley - FOUND!!!

His name is Stanley. He's a male adult cat - about 7 or 8 years old. He is 10 - 15 pounds. He has smooth/silky gray fur with white markings. He does not have his tags/collar on and no chip. We lost him on 1/9/18 at night at our house (433 east north street medina ohio 44256). When moving him to the car he jumped out of our arms and ran. (He does not like the moving process, cars, or any loud noises. It scares him) He is an indoor cat, not used to the current weather conditions. He is very timid and will most likely be scared and quiet. He hides in small, dark spaces and will most likely run if approached. He is very kind and loving but does not trust easily. He likes soft food so if found the best thing to do is put out soft food, if possible, and call or text us and we will come immediately.

January 12, 2018


Please contact Kitten Krazy if found

December 08, 2017


Our cat mason has been missing since Dec 8th

He’s about 12 years old and very friendly 

Last seen near yourktown drive in medina

We are offering a reward $$$ if you help him get home

Orange and yellow long hair tabby with white around his mout

December 11, 2017


Ammo missing from Brunswick,OH last seen 11/17/17. He is very friendly and he is micro chipped.  My name is Patti Palcisko cell# 216-956-2027 or Jim 216-402-6611. Greatly appreciate any help, we are heart broken and missing him

November 24, 2017


Ammo missing from Brunswick,OH last seen 11/17/17. He is very friendly and he is micro chipped.  My name is Patti Palcisko cell# 216-956-2027 or Jim 216-402-6611. Greatly appreciate any help, we are heart broken and missing him

November 03, 2017


Missy has been missing sense last Friday she is 18 years old declawed has a white flea collar on from Wadsworth on Highland Avenue by browse Road if found please call Char at 3306965836 thanks 

For more info or to contact Chaser's owner, click here: https://www.pawboost.com/p/4784341

November 01, 2017


Please spread the word! Chaser was LOST on October 13, 2017 in Medina, OH 44256 near Near Leisure Ln & N Jefferson St


Message from Owner: This is my sole companion! He's been there for me since I got divorced after 34 years. Please share with anyone in the Medina area. Thanks everyone!


Description: Mostly white with dark tipped ears and dark tail. Blue eyes w/lion cut as just groomed for matts

For more info or to contact Chaser's owner, click here: https://www.pawboost.com/p/4784341

October 07, 2017



October 07, 2017


Lost on Abbeyville Rd and Spieth Rd, Medina, OH. please contact KK or QF is found

August 24, 2017


Our cat Twix went missing 8/16/17. He was last seen around route 94 & Granger Road in Granger Township. He is 1 year old and very friendly. He medium sized, gray and black with orange on his belly. Twix is neutered and doesn't have his collar on and has no chip. I am offering a $100 reward to the person that finds him. Please call me if you have found him or seen him. (216) 630-9589 Rachel

August 16, 2017

Lost Cat - Colby

This is Colby, our nine year old male neutered buff colored tabby cat. He was last seen at our house on July 26. We live in Grafton township between Route 83 and Route 57 on Neff Road. Colby is a beautiful cat, but is quite shy. If you happen to locate him please call us at 330-421-0754 or 330-421-3428. Another way to identify him is he has had significant dental surgery

August 03, 2017

Lost Cat- Skipper

She's 1 year old Siamese, spayed, and her name is Skipper.

Any help is so greatly appreciated I am offering a $1000 reward for her return.

My contact is Courtney 330-241-9375

July 21, 2017

Lost Cat - Charlie

Lost cat, greatly missed

please contact 

(330) 606-8040

August 03, 2017

Lost Cat - Kitty

Lost cat in the Brunswick Ohio area,  Silver/Grey, Male and medium weight, please if you see Kitty please contact Terri @ 440-346-4095

May 01, 2017

Lost Dog- Rudy

Rudy, a male chihuahua (tan and cream) has been lost from the Akron area.  He is 10 years old and went missing on May 1.  If located, please visit the follow the link by clicking on the picture.  http://www.lostmydoggie.com/details.cfm?petid=168168

April 14, 2017

Lost Cat- Clarence

Clarence, missing from Brunswick.  Last seen on April 14, 2017 around 10pm on Monte Vista (Mesa Grande development).  4 years old, neutered male.  Front declawed and microchipped.  Please call 216-978-8491.

March 27, 2017

Lost Cat- Ginger

3-27-17 Female.  Her name is Ginger.  Front declaw / spayed. 6 yrs old No collar no chip. Olmsted Falls. 440-525-4014. We miss her so very much😻.

January 19, 2017

Lost Cat- Nova

Missing from Chippewa lake. Circle Crest/Briarwood area. Small female dilute calico. Spayed. Is indoor outdoor cat. It is never outside for more than a few hours. We haven't seen her since late last week. Did not have her collar on when she went out last. Super friendly. Answers to Nova .  If seen please contact 330.419.2800 or 330.407.5960.

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