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New Cat Intake

Kitten Krazy is a locally-run, private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We take in cats and kittens at our discretion as time, space and finances allow. Please read the information below if you are interested in surrendering a cat(s)/kitten(s) to our shelter.

Important Intake Information

• On average, we are asked to take in 150 to 200+ cats/kittens PER WEEK in the summer months and approximately 50-75 per week in the winter months. With this in mind, please understand that you will not receive a response from us if our team determines that we cannot take your case.

• We are primarily an all-volunteer organization and simply cannot respond to all of the intake requests we receive. On the other hand, for those that we can help, we will contact you and schedule an intake evaluation appointment. We ask that you please keep this appointment or contact Kristen at 330-635-4501 as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment. This allows us to contact the next person on the list.

• All intake requests are logged and these records are kept indefinitely for our review as space opens.

•  If your cat is not accepted right away, you may still become a candidate at some point in the future. Please refrain from sending multiple requests for the same animal(s).

• We specialize in taking well-socialized and healthy kittens under 6 months old. However, we are able to treat colds, diarrhea, and other common ailments and they are not a deterrent for intake. We do take in cats up to 8 years old that are also well-socialized and healthy, as space provides. Owned cats with neglected health issues are the biggest expense we have had (primarily dental disease). Therefore, we highly advise you to have those issues resolved prior to turning over your personal pets as this is a condition that may result in your cat being declined.

We perform a full physical and behavioral exam at the time of your intake evaluation appointment. We do not take in feral or dangerous animals. We reserve the right to decline any cat based on health and/or behavioral issues found during our evaluation exam.

• We do not have a designated intake fee. Since we are a private nonprofit and do not receive any federal, state or local funding, your best intake donation helps us to continue our mission.

If you find a sick or injured stray cat or kitten, please contact the Medina County SPCA at 330-723-7722.



Click on this link to open the intake evaluation form: Kitten Krazy Intake Evaluation Form


Please note:

  • This form will open in a new tab or window.

  • You must answer all required (*) questions on the form.

  • Be sure to click the "Done" button at the bottom of the page to submit your form. If you don't click this button, we will not receive your application!

  • If you do not see a confirmation message ("Thank you for submitting your intake request to Kitten Krazy!") on the screen after clicking "Done," please contact us. Note that you will not receive an e-mail confirmation from this form.

  • After you see the confirmation message, you can close the tab or window.

  • We can only contact those we think we can help; therefore, you will not receive a response from us if our team determines that we cannot take your case. 

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