New Cat Intake

Kitten Krazy is a locally-run, private, nonprofit organization. We take in cats and kittens at our discretion as time, space, and finances allow. Please read the information below if you are interested in surrendering a cat to our shelter.

Important intake information:


  • If you have an unwanted cat, please send an e-mail to

  • On average, we are asked to take in 50+ cats per week in the winter, and this number can rise to 200+ per week in the summer. With this in mind, please note that our responses may be delayed and/or that you may not receive a direct response from us if our team determines that we cannot take your case.

  • Due to high demand, we are typically not able to take in a cat on the day the intake request is made. When a cat is accepted to the center, they will usually be put on a waiting list until room is available.

  • All calls are logged and these records are kept for weekly review, so if your cat isn't accepted right away, you may still become a candidate at some point in the future.

Intake FAQ:

  • Is there an age limit for the cats you take in?

  • We do not have age restrictions, but we do ask that you coordinate with us if you are planning to separate a kitten from its mother.

  • Do you take in stray and feral cats?

  • We consider and assess stray and feral cats in the same manner as domesticated cats.

  • Do you take in sick cats?

  • We will consider taking sick cats under additional guidelines.

  • Do you take mothers and their litters?

  • We evaluate mothers and litters (feral, stray, or domestic) in the same manner as any other cat.


  • Do I need to provide anything when I surrender a cat?

  • We ask that anyone who admits a cat to our shelter donate cash to help cover the costs. If you have any food, treats, toys, beds, etc. that belonged to the cat, you can bring those, too.