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“Kiddies for Kitties”

Kitten Krazy Jr. Volunteer Night


Program Outline

  • Meets the 1st Thursday of every month from 5:30 to 7 pm

  • Ages 8 – 18 years old; all kids under 14 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian; all kids 14 thru 18 years old must have a parent sign waiver prior to attending, but do not need to stay

  • Monthly projects include:

    • Pull needle/syringes from wrappers

    • Create starter kits

    • Put together cardboard cat carriers

    • Put together adoption packets

    • Craft projects to sell at Kitten Krazy

    • Many other hands-on sorting projects

    • And, of course, time to pet kitties!

Kitten Krazy t-shirts are offered to those that attend for only $10 (retail is $15). We have S thru XL for Children and S thru 3XL for Adults J


If you are interested in attending, please email

Sandy Sanfilippo at

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