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Paw Patch Program

Girl/Boy Scout Paw Patch Program

Our Paw Patch Program is designed to help your Girl/Boy Scout Troop of any age complete the necessary requirements to obtain your pet/animal-related patches or service project programs, while helping Kitten Krazy fulfill our mission. 

Upon completion of the requirements listed below, we will also provide each girl/boy with a FREE Kitten Krazy Fun Patch!

Please contact Jennette at 216-559-0308 or to schedule your visit.


Troop members must book a 1-hour educational tour at Kitten Krazy located in Medina and complete any one or more of the following activities:

  1. Collect items from our Wish List (see attached) from your family and friends or hold a fundraising event to collect items.  

  2. Schedule at least a two-hour shift at Pet Supplies Plus in Medina to collect items from customers for our shelter. Shift must be scheduled through Kitten Krazy and require one adult and no more than 4 troop members. Multiple shifts may be scheduled per day to accommodate the whole troop. Kitten Krazy provides all materials needed to hold this fundraiser.

  3. Volunteer at a Kitten Krazy fundraising event. Check our website periodically for upcoming fundraising events at Please be sure to contact us to schedule your troop.

Questions about the Paw Patch Program? Send us an email!  Please put "KK Paw Patch Program" in the Subject.  Thank you!

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