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Kitty Updates

I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of the special medical cases that have come through our door in the past weeks (Josh and Stormy). Josh is a sweet guy who came in with a bad eye ulcer. After trying to treat topically, we realized that Josh needed more help. We sent Josh to have eye surgery to sew his eye shut in hopes that by doing so, the eye could be saved. So far, so good. Josh has had his stitches removed and we have been treating it, and he is doing wonderfully! The prognosis for his eye is great and we are beyond thrilled! Josh is not yet currently ready for adoption, as we are wanting to finish treating his eye.

Stormy came into our clinic from another rescue for a possible spay. It was thought that she might be pregnant, but it was determined that she was a pyometra (an infected uterus). Stormy's was the worst pyometra that our clinic staff had EVER seen and she was only a day or so away from death. Stormy had major abdominal surgery and we agreed to take her at Kitten Krazy. She has recovered beautifully and is playing and is so happy in her new free-roaming room and ready for adoption.

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