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Go Cavs- Monday Intake and Adoption

Today, we took in seven cats- two littles that were orphaned, and a mama and four babies. All the cats that came in today were flea ridden, but the two orphaned kittens- the Chronicles of Narnia litter (Aslan and Tumnus) were bad-- so bad that we gave them baths to get rid of the excess build up of flea dirt. You should see them now... They are fluffy, happy and clean!! The other litter arrived just as the Cavs were taxiing and deplaning at Cleveland Hopkins, so naturally, we named them for our Championship Winners (Irvina, Kevina, Dellie and Lebron, with mama cat, Gloria) to celebrate!

We also sent home one kitty today- Gilly! Gilly went to his forever home, where he will be loved by his new human mama and a puppy! We are so happy for our Mr. Gilly!

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