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Monday Update

We had a very busy day yesterday, between our air conditioner breaking, to some new intake and rushing Chance in for emergency surgery.

We took in a few new intakes yesterday- 4 older kittens and 1 adult. We also had our Monday medical, as usual. We also had to rush Chance in for emergency surgery, as his condition became more dire. I will quote what Wendy put on Facebook yesterday in regards to Chance's condition, because I think it sums it up perfectly:

"As many of you saw last night, Chance was resting comfortably at my house. He spent his whole time with us eating like a little piggy, drinking lots of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), receiving antibiotics and parasite prevention, and he has added 5 ounces to his weight in just two days. Although he had his bandages changed yesterday morning and everything looked good, today was a different story. This morning, I brought him to Kitten Krazy with me and the first thing we did was pull his bandages off to find that the maggot larvae in his upper arm had hatched causing an emergency situation. Since Quick Fix is closed today, we had to take him to an emergency clinic. Due to the threat of imminent complications, the vet advised either we amputate or euthanize, and I chose amputation. Please join us in praying for a successful surgery. We will keep you posted. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart- Wendy Mirrotto, Executive Director."

But our Chance... he is a FIGHTER! He pulled through beautifully. To further quote an updated post on Facebook:

"GREAT MEWS! Chance made it through surgery and is currently waking up from his anesthesia. The doctor was very pleased to tell us that there was no infection in his shoulder and that he should heal well. She suspects that Chance got his arm caught in something and twisted it to get free. If all goes well, he will be released to our care in the morning. Special thank you to Dr. Sandra Gebhart of Willow Creek Veterinary Service in Medina for performing a successful surgery. Thank you, Wendy Mirrotto, Executive Director"

Chance should be coming home to Kitten Krazy today, and we are happy to see him. He has a long recovery ahead, but Dr. Gebhart assures us that he will never remember having 4 legs, and will adjust beautifully to being a 3 legged cat.

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