Mission Statement

Our committed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization exists to provide high-quality, low-cost adoption, wellness and spay/neuter services to the public and animal organizations.

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Kitten Krazy & Quick Fix are proud to be 
members of the following organizations


A common misunderstanding: "Kitten Krazy/Quick Fix receives money from all of these organizations, so you don't really need our help." And, "Why do you fundraise when all of those companies on your website support you?"

Fact - Kitten Krazy/Quick Fix does not receive automatic funding from any of the above organizations. In fact, in some cases, we pay membership dues to support the organization. There are varying reasons we post them on our website - mostly we want to recognize the great work they do and share the fact that they exist as a support system to us. Lastly, there are several organizations above that have granted funds to us in the past to which we are eternally grateful!
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Dinner and lots of games and prizes!

Feral Cat Seminar - Wendy Mirrotto is a speaker

Collecting gently worn or new shoes.