Surgery Fees

Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm By Appointment Only

All animals: Drop off 8:00-8:30 am; same day pick up 4:30-5:00 pm

Neuter = Male       Spay = Female  

All animals will receive a tattoo on their belly

Water is OK

Dog Neuter (must be 14 weeks old)

Under 40 lbs
40-80 lbs
Over 80 lbs

Dog Spay (must be 14 weeks old)

Under 40 lbs
40-80 lbs
Over 80 lbs$110

Cats (must be at least 3 lbs)

Declaw* $250

*Declaws available strictly for cats <2 years + <6 lbs; price includes declaw surgery, pain medication, Convenia (antibiotic injection effective for 2 weeks) and two overnight stays.  Reduced rates do not apply as this is an elective surgery. Declaw surgery is only available on selected days.


FREE Pain Medication: All animals receive an injection for pain at the time of surgery that lasts up to 24 hours. Additional pain meds are available to take home at no cost with all surgeries.

FREE E-Collar: All animals will receive a FREE e-collar.

The following services will be performed at no additional cost:

Pregnancy (female) (cat & dog)               

In-Heat (female) (cats only)                  

Obese (male & female) (cats & dogs)          

Additional fees for cats and dogs apply for the following (*Surgeon may determine higher fees based upon length of surgery):

Blood Panel (required for all animals 6 years and up, or determined by vet)               $65

Capstar flea treatment will be applied to all animals found to have active fleas at the time of surgery                               

   $ 8

Cryptorchid - Cat (undescended testicles - male)                                   $35

Cryptorchid - Dog (undescended testicles - male)                                  $50

Hernia Repair* (male & female)                                                           $20

In Heat - Dogs Only* (female)                                                             $50

Pyometra* (infected uterus - female)  Charges will be discussed upon diagnosis

Feral Cat Program - All feral (wild or untamed) cat alterations are $30 and include a rabies vaccination. Cats must be brought in a humane trap. No appointment necessary – drop off during business hours Monday thru Thursday. Feral cats can be kept overnight free up to two nights (depending on date of surgery). All ferals will receive an ear tip and tattoo.  Requested additional services are charged at regular rates. We carry rentable traps; stop in to pick one or more up any time during business hours ($5/week rental plus $35 refundable cash only deposit per trap).

All feral cats not brought in a trap will be charged a $10 transfer fee.

Overnight stays = $10/night – offered for cats only
Spay/neuter surgeries can be dropped off the day before after 3 pm and/or kept the night of surgery and picked up by noon the next day, or additional fees apply. Waived for transport clients.

A $10 late fee will be charged per every 1/4 hour after 5 pm for late pick ups.