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Kitten Krazy has an on-line auction going on right now. You can see everything we have up for bid on Rust Belt Revival Auction Site.  You can click on this link and it will take you to the site and the auction.


  1. Go to website:

  2. Click Register as a new user

  3. Create an account by filling in all information requested; be sure to provide your credit card information so that you can bid. This information is kept secured.

  4. Once your account is created, it may take up to 24 hours to activate. You will get an email letting you know you can start bidding.

  5. Once activated, Sign In using your newly created username and password.

  6. There will be many active auctions going on simultaneously – look for Kitten Krazy’s auction and click on the main title to open. Be sure to check how long the auction will run and the closing date. Many buyers wait until the last hour to place their final bids and bidding wars can happen at that time.

  7. 100% of proceeds benefit Kitten Krazy.

  8. Thank you and happy shopping!


We have also opened an on-line shop on The name of the shop is KittenKrazyAlways. We have lots of items and adding things daily!  You can click on this link and it will take you to our shop.



Kitten Krazy has closed it’s Saturday flea market. 


We have an incredible amount of items to sell so have begun to use some different online avenues to sell these donated items.  One is Poshmark where we have already sold some things; another is auctioning items through Rust Belt online auctions; and another is listing items with Facebook Marketplace.  We are in the process of establishing an Etsy shop and will also be using ThredUp.  As we become more familiar with all these different websites, we will place instructions on our Facebook page and website so you can access these sites and our merchandise.


With the current social distancing situation, we are hopeful our supporters will shop online for the many items we have to offer.

We hope that everyone will continue to donate your unwanted items to Kitten Krazy and thank everyone who has already donated - your giving is helping save lives.

God bless and stay safe,

Wendy Mirrotto

Founder & Executive Director

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Want to help.  Click here to see our Amazon Wish List.  All items are needed and appreciated!

Kitten Krazy receives at least 15 phone messages a day, and this time of year, more than 200 a week from people requesting help with stray cats and kittens.  We are a volunteer only organization and do not have the manpower to return all the phone calls.  We do not want to offend anyone by not returning calls, it's just not possible.  We DO keep your names on a list and call people back as space opens up at the shelter.  Much of the time as we return calls, people have already found assistance from different sources.  We wish that we could take all the animals needing homes and on behalf of all animals, we thank you for trying to do the best by any that come to you needing help.  We also are trying our best to save as many as we can.  God Bless.


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