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It's the little things...

It's the litte things in life that give the most joy! We are so blessed to have so many generous friends (yes, if you are reading this, we consider you a friend). Truly, we are blessed. Our whole operation is funded through donations, grants and whatever we bring in from Quick Fix. That's it. No government monies or consistent funding from any one entity comes to us. So we rely on the help of our friends- we have an army of amazing volunteers and many generous donors (we consider ANYONE who donates- even if it's $1- a generous donor. God uses the small gifts!)

Last week, Wendy and I met with the fourth grade class of Mrs. Roberta Gangl at Ralph Waite Elementary in Medina. This class was made up of the most generous children! They collected donations for our shelter- Kitten Chow, cleaning and paper prodcts, old towels and blankets. They also made and sold bookmarks (for $.25 each) to raise money for Kitten Krazy and did chores around the house to raise money. The total donation was over $200-- that's a lot of bookmarks and chores! The thoughtfulness and generosity of these children was so sweet, that it truly blessed Wendy and I. We were absolutely blown away. To the parents of these children- thank you for teaching your children to be thoughtful and generous and to give selflessly. Please know that we are humbled and touched by their gifts!

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