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Nurturing Hands and Hearts

Here at Kitten Krazy, we have been truly blessed by many wondeful volunteers and organizations that come to help. One such organization is Nurturing Hands and Hearts, an organization committed to helping developmentally disabled adults. The wonderful folks at Nurturing Hands come and help clean and care for the kitties throughout each week and they are always such a blessing! They have started to make some cat toys for sale to jointly benefit Kitten Krazy and Nurturing Hands and Hearts. We have tested these toys (we call them magic cat wands!) and our kitties LOVE them! We also would love to provide some of the materials so that NHH can continue to make these great toys. Would you be interested in donating some supplies?? Supplies needed are ribbon (1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" wide will be great), colored/patterned duct tape, hot glue gun sticks, feathers, bells and dowel rods.

If you would like to donate materials, swing by our adoption center during our regular business hours. Wands are available for purchase, $2 for the small wands and $5 for the large (suggested donations). You can also purchase the toys at Quick Fix.

As always, your generous support is always appreciated!

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