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Friday Update!

TGIF friends! I wanted to give you a quick update of all of the happenings this week! Monday we took in a beautfiul, sweet kitty named Paris. We also took in Hansel and Gretl with their mama Hildie. They, along with some other siblings were left on a property in Rittman. On Wednesday, the other siblings were brought in- Beowulf, Glinda, Squire and Tucker. Wednesday, we took Gwennie (the lilac point Persian) to Litchfield Clinic for her dental appointment and she had 9 teeth pulled! She is feeling great now and is free roaming in room 6. Yesterday, Dude went to his forever home to a wondeful home where he will recieve the love he deserves! Josh also had his stitches removed from his eye and Dr. Molly is very optimisitic for his recovery! We sent Blaze and Bernice up to Petsmart for adoption this morning and Loki and Paris are on hold.

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