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Recent Adoptions and Leap Day Intakes

Sorry friends! In my crazy head, I thought I had updated you all on the comings and goings around Kitten Krazy. Apparently, I did not! It's been super-duper busy since my last post! Friday, we saw a one adoption out of Petsmart- Hoyt, and Cerena was adopted from our adoption center. Saturday, we saw a bunch of adoptions at Petsmart and our adoption center- Gwennie, Preston, Clara (from Petsmart), Brian (also out of Petsmart) , Patrick (out of Petsmart), Gabriel, and Stormy. Monday was crazy with the amount of new intakes-- I think the number was 16 new cats we took in!! Tuesday, Gretl and Noah went to loving homes. We are so excited for all of our furbabies who will be going on to lead happy lives with their new humans!!

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